The State of the Structure of the United States Government

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Over the years, the various government administrations have opted to come up with relevant strategies aimed at ensuring that the American people are able to sufficiently reap benefits supplied by the various sectors available. This includes benefits in the social, economic and political perspectives (Bernardini, 2018). Based on the United States constitution, the structure of the government is made up of three distinct branches. The role of the three government braches is mainly include towards ensuring that the central government is able to carry out its various roles. These branches include the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary. To begin with, the executive branch of government has increasing been attempting to come up various policies that have aided the wellbeing of the American people.

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Although this has been the case, research indicates that the current government administration has failed to deliver up to its promises. At the beginning of 2017, the American economy registered a growth rate. of about 2. 9% which has since been experiencing significant fluctuations. Research indicates that the republicans opted to adopt such measures so as to ensure that the American people would be able to enjoy adequate job opportunities as opposed to how immigrants have actively been involved in providing cheap labor in the vast American economic market. This move has led scenarios where families have been forced to split as a result of increased deportation rates in the country. Such policies have also denied citizenship to a section of people who have been living in the country for a period longer than 15 years (Marris, 2018).

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