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The key intention is to gain over 85 percent of the market share and become a hub of shopping for men and women working in offices as well as the business owners and other members in the community who love wearing trendy official apparel. Trendy Class will be located in Grant Avenue in San Francisco. With this strategic location, Trendy Class will position itself in a commercial street where the business class in the city does their shopping. This strategic location is important for the initial success and long term growth. The positioning will help the business to get its first customers who will be enticed to come back with friends due to the quality apparel sold in the store at competitive prices.

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It will administer the globalization of personnel and cultivate the management of the entrepreneurial activities of the firm (Ghemawat, 2016). How to forecast operations The operations will be focused using an annual growth rate of 15 percent in the first year and 20 percent in the subsequent years. In the first year of operations, sales are likely to be low due to factors such as insufficient brand and lack of a reliable status in the community. In the subsequent years, it will gain a large percentage of market shares, which will result in increased customer base. Therefore, the operations of the apparel store will expand as it serves the growing customer base. As the operations of the firm grow, new positions will be created and top performing employees will be promoted to hold those positions.

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This will create an environment where employees are motivated to give their best. Sustainable supply chain for the business The business acknowledges that currently, customers are conscious of how various practices affect the environment. With this in mind, Trendy Class will use a value-seeker approach to sustainability in its supply chain. This approach involves having high internal commitment to sustainability and extending it to all levels of the organization. Lean operations of the organization to improve productivity Lean operations are primarily aimed at reducing wastes and improving productivity. As an apparel store, Trendy Class will engage in lean operations by increasing the value created to customers. This will be done using advertising. In addition it will decrease the time required to create value to customers.

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