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The development construction and development of Cancun city started on January 23rd, 1970, the place had only a few people as residents staying around Puerto Juarez, a fishing village and a military base. Due to the reluctance of investors to invest on constructing resorts in an unknown area, the Mexican Federal government had to finance the building of the first 9 hotels. The first hotel was known as the Playa Banca Hotel and later became The Blue Bay hotel, it was an elite destination famous for its untouched and good white sand beaches, and it is now named Temptation Resort. Cancun has undergone several transformations from being just a fisherman’s island surrounded by forests and undiscovered shores to become one of the most well-known Mexican Resorts along with a Resort called Acapulco.

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Cancun was awarded the best of the best awards by The World Tourism Organization for “excellence and good governance” on February 3rd 2007. While in Cancun city, as a member of the team, The Hyatt Zilara hotel was the best place for me to stay, situated along the stunning Yucatan coast of Mexico, on the Caribbean Sea, Hyatt Zilara offers break taking views of the Caribbean Sea, exceptional dining and nightlife. The hotel features beautiful suites, oceanic front pools including a bench side endless pool that winds towards the ocean and a white sand beach. My first experience was a visit to the Tulum ruins which is an archeological site, after entering ruins through one of the five doorways in the wall, we were greeted by a field of grey and black stones outcroppings which were once buildings.

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It was and amazing experience on how the ruins can spark an imagination of what is left of the port that used to be the link with the outside world. The most prominent remaining ruin was the Castle which sat on the edge of the 12 meter limestone cliff overlooking the Caribbean coast. The Cancun City Website was very interesting and stimulating as it even gives someone who wants to visit the place more reasons to visit the City’s resorts. From the intriguing images of luxurious classy hotels and the websites cover picture of people having fun at the underground caves, one would feel nothing but the eagerness and rush to visit the place, the website explained on almost every aspect of the city making us, members of the team, to feel more welcomed by the attraction site and willing to visit the place.

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However the team noticed that the Cancun City website did not provide all the information, for instance warning the readers and potential tourists of the risk of gang related crimes, we found out that there have been reported incidents of gang men bursting into one of Cancun City’s Mexican resort and shot to death drug gang suspect and his wife, this was the third troubling event that happened in the city in less than two weeks. The City’s website should have warned people of potential security threat so that tourists may be cautious before visiting the place. Personal Interviews with different audiences The team first spoke to businessmen conducting their daily activities around Cancun City and its outskirts, they all agreed that the establishment of the city has been of great benefits to the people of the Cancun’s community.

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The perspective of the Owner/Manager of the Attraction or manager of the special Event.   If I were responsible for taking care and running Cancan City, I would work towards creating a secure business City, free from drug lords and cartels related crimes. I would also work towards achieving and making Cancun City one of the prefer tourist destinations not only in Mexico but in the world. The greatest challenge in running the Cancun City would be interference from politicians and drug lords who would want to continue their underground drug networks while I am striving towards a achieving a drug free city. My other concern would be achieving the security goal as this would need a lot of funds, to be channeled towards paying guards and security equipment’s.

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