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The global immigration policies have undergone review in most countries in a move that seeks to assert the existence of high levels of security that would prevent attacks from a potential enemy disguised as an immigrant. In the tourism sector, there are other risks that equally make it necessary for countries that depend on tourism to assess the situation for purposes of policy guidelines aimed at promoting the establishment of consumer confidence on a given destination. Organizational Context The Safety Associate organization seeks to assess the events that take place around the participants of a reality show and tourist experience surrounding the Amazing Race. The amazing race is a fun-filled activity that doubles up as a competition in which participants are exposed to experience racing across different cities and locations around the world to finish the race in record time (The Amazing Race - CBS.

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com, n. Our agreement with the management of the Amazing Race is articulately defined in a long ended contract which defines our agency relationship that spells out the rights and obligations of each party. The agreement further documents the performance of the contractual obligation together with rules on termination for purposes of limiting disagreements in the execution of such a noble course. The contract breathes life to our engagement and offers the legal impetus to execute our mandate with respect to the agreed structures for purposes of making the event a success on all aspects relating to risk assessment and management. The significance of our engagement lies in the capacity to competently execute our mandate in recognition of the underlying legal principles and provisions for the success of our endeavors.

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The risks assessment models should inspire the confidence of both the participants and the amazing race management that it adds value to the undertaking and asserts the ability to reduce every risk to acceptable levels. The competition involves the ability of the participants to maneuver the challenging set up of the terrain and execute within the record time to emerge victoriously. The changing climatic conditions might have an adverse impact on the health of the participants as they traverse through different countries and destinations around the world (Ferson, Pastorok, Bartell & Ginzburg, 2016). The risk level stands on a rating of eighteen due to the nature of the travel experience that involves movement from one location to another consisting of different climatic conditions.

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The participants are at a very high risk of being affected by the changing climatic patterns making it necessary to develop a mechanism that protects them from such an eventuality (Olya, & Alipour, 2015). The challenge of language barrier makes it difficult for the participants in certain instances to effectively communicate with the local population. The risk of climatic conditions variances will be addressed through instituting mechanisms that will advise the participants about the climatic conditions to expect on several locations they will pass through to completion. The control procedures will also involve weather forecasting initiatives that will provide information that facilitate the planning on the trip to take precautions that make them prevent the danger of climatic changes (Meng, & Choi, 2016). The preparation will allow the amazing race team to prepare for emergency services and direction on shelter in situations where rainfall forms part of the climate in the competition pathway.

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The arrangement of different tools for navigation and travel will also depend on the terrain and climatic conditions of a given country that the participants are expected to pass through during the competition. The climatic variances make it imperative for the team to develop models that require the analysis of the region by advance teams responsible for developing the instructions for the competition. The identified risks are then subjected to an exercise involving the formulation of a management strategy required to develop a mechanism that will facilitate effective measures to prevent damages from the occurrence of a given risk. It is imperative that tourists are adequately informed of the risks involved and the collected data on the risks present to facilitate the initiation of a plan to respond to the potential crisis.

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