Traditional strategy models can't cope with an uncertain strategic landscape

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The business environment has for the past two decades been changing fast. Therefore, the current rate of changes are occurring in a major way; turbulence and complexity. Turbulence is the level of dynamism, which involves the change in the environment that consists of unexpected fast change. In a stable environment there are changes, however, they are little and predictable. Turbulence is, however, part of every environment naturally. Additionally, the manager should also understand all the critical trigger points in the business that signals several scenarios from one to another. This helps the company come up with an actionable and clear strategic plan that balances both flexibility and commitment. Shifting the process to a discrete point in time f a cycle to monitor and adapt as opposed to exercises that are dined by conditions.

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This help redirects the company to the best opportunities in time. One conceptual example of a company that failed to foresee the turbulence that the digital future has become is Kodak. Additionally, Companies using a traditional strategy may also be committed to a linear, process committing the company to just one curse of action. This is very detrimental to the company’s course of action may be the wrong one (Hitta et al. Conceptually the 21st century was set to bring many changes and turbulence in the market and it lived up to this expectation. This was especially so in the first decade of the new century. A lot of practitioners, as well as scholars, even argued that any company that wanted to succeed had to be unique in its capability to come up with strategies to keep it relevant to the consumer and remain in the competitive landscape.

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A swat analysis comes in handy when determining whether the company has the capability to deal with specific forces in the business environment because the manager is able to readily identify competencies that can help with threats and compensate for the weaker area in the company. Additionally, the company can in new opportunities that they had not considered. Besides, a swat analysis will definitely help in identifying types of strategies and specifically the ones that the company could use to maintain a competitive advantage in the market. Additionally, corporate strategy tends to depend on the business processes and not the business product or service. This is what makes the creation of go strategy so critical in providing the best for the consumer.

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A conceptual example is, for instance, the skill exemplified by Honda in managing its dealers. The business strategic capability is a very big factor when it comes to helping the company to rain financially viable especially in a free market. This may explain why most comas are endeavoring to track their strategic capabilities intruder to inform the interested parties like the investors. This is because they are part of the money coming into the company and they need to be reassured of the reasonable chances of success for the future of the company. The company’s employees are also interested in strategic capability as it defined the stability of the company and therefore employees are reassured that there will not be layoffs or any cost-cutting measure by the company.

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This is especially important for the food and drink industry as economies of scale are very important in their marketing and distribution capabilities. This means that t manage the costs drivers of a company need keen attention if the company s to be manageable. This may appear to be obvious, however, in practice, most companies fail to look into the key cost drivers and how to manage them which may, in turn, affect the competitive advantage brought about by strategic competency. This is why the effective strategic competency management is essential. Most managers, however, argue that the capability of the company is value as it is distinctive. The mapping assisted the company to find out some of the junior management staff in the firm bent the rules when it came to aching back goods from some of the retailer.

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