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The article talks about a program (tuition-free college) at the state of New York which is likely to pave the way for another bigger program for the whole country. The structure of the new program works in a way that will benefit the college students from the middle-class families. It will, however, do nothing for the low income earning students. It further states how Governor Andrew supports the fact that the program will provide middle-class students with tuition-free college. There is the case of the Excelsior Scholarship program which is included in the fiscal 2018 budget of the New York state which will help in making colleges affordable. David, Bergeron and Carmel Martin. American Progress. org. 9 February 2015. https:// www. While reading through the article, there is an argument raised by the author which is why institutions need to adopt new or alternative sources of granting the federal funds.

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Bergeron and martins define the system using a persuasive tone and highlight of the danger by using true facts and statistics. The comparison is the basic element used to prove authors opinions. This source is important in that it tries to explain the monopoly that the current system has over the access of the federal financial aid. It is important in the case that it supports my topic of discussion as access to the financial aid will help many college students who are not able to pay for their college tuition fee have an opportunity to learn without the fear of dropping out because of fees. org/login. aspx?direct=true&db=cat04258a&AN=MCL. 1839274&site=eds-live&scope=site. Why Public Higher Education Should be Free: How to Decrease Cost and Increase Quality at American Universities in an article that tries to explain what needs to be done to make universities function effectively.

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The author writes that the universities are often judged by the results o the incoming students rather than what the students learn in the institution. This article is no exemption as it has credible sources to support his opinion. An example is where he uses critics to prove his point. This can be seen in his statement, “In order to raise their status in these rankings, institutions pour money into new facilities and extracurricular activities while underfunding their educational programs. ” I will use this information to explain how our institutions have become expensive. They are expensive to afford yet what is learned is basic and does not meet the cost paid. Reason being the state of college education in the country is in a critical state where the tuition fee keeps rising making it hard for other families to afford.

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To sort out this issue, the author says there is a need for making Public Higher Education tuition-free for everyone to have a chance to have an education. The author Bernard Sanders is a politician in America serving the capacity of a junior State senator. His purpose for writing this essay is to highlight the deteriorating state of education in the American nation due to the increased tuition fee limiting chances for other students who are not in a position to meet the high payments required by the institutions. Making Public Higher Education free for everyone will increase the chances of the nation rising to its status as one of the greatest countries. org/2014/10/23/dropout-rate-for-college-students-driven-by-inequality. The author of the article elaborates on why the rate of dropout of college students is as a result of in income inequality.

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