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Under Armour is a multinational American based company that has its headquarters at Baltimore Maryland and offices in various corners of the world from New York, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Mexico city, Shanghai, Paris, and Seoul among other points across the globe. In 1996, Kelvin Plank in founded the company at the age of 23 years old. He was based at the back of his grandmother basement and used to selling the appeal around the neighborhood from his back of car (Baer). From the very beginning, the company adopted the use of sport’s apparel that wicked moisture to keep player dry (sweat free) during practice replacing the cotton T-shirts. This differentiate the company from other such as Nike and Adidas that followed his approach in sportswear.

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It utilizes mobile retail platform using its mobile fitness apps, ecommerce sales to enhance direct customer sales and revenues. E-commerce revenue earning contribution to the total firm earning are increasing with its contributing close to 33 % of the total revenues of the company (Under Armour). The fitness app has increased its online presence are subscribed members are interconnected and helped in managing their health. International e-commerce revenue especially in china has experienced 157% growth (Berthene). c) Target market The company has effectively built its brand based on use of technology to solve problem of the sports industry. For instance, adapting a healthy message on a new technology based product can help reach out to many consumer instantaneously. This awareness approach will make the customer initiate the first point of interaction as the product address one of the needs and desires.

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Information Based on the satisfactory efforts of creating awareness of products, it is critical to disseminate crucial information on the new products to the online client. Availing information on the online social media platforms, e commerce websites and paid advertisement keeps the client well informed on what is available. Offering the target population with the desired display and feature of the product that meets the expectation and needs of the customer such as beneficial health advantages as compared to other products helps client in making purchase decision. The mobile app is synchronized with all this information to give frequent updates to the user. On the same page option to link with the social media platform are availed to ensure continued connection between the business and the customer.

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Mapping the digital journey Recognition of consumer needs AWARENESS ENGAGE Browse product information on the website Interact with informative advertisement Analyze the features and displays of the desired product Consider other alternative weighing the options PURCHASE Make an order of purchase based on the customer needs RE ENGAGE Coupon or signing up Rate the service delivery And sign up for email updates Track the order delivery Receive notification of the order on phone and email Make payment via PayPal, credit , mobile wallets Close the order Critical Analysis of the Customer Experience Based on its product authenticity and interaction between the company and its clients since its underdog years in 1996. Under Armour has maintained an effective and efficient interaction with the customer.

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From the beginning days when Plank used to operate from the back of a car to the digital age, the company has a good overall presence and pleasant aurora with the clients. Reducing it pop up advertisement is crucial to offer a good perception on the sites advisement as many instantaneously pop up may lead to being frequently ignored or permanently blocked by the clients. Apart from SEO, the Under Armour website should integrate other tools on google infrastructure such as Site speed and social media Buffer to enhance relate the browser and performance globally (Denman). When making purchase of products online, the online backset should allow immediate deletion or modification of the quantifies required without much hassle. More so, the font used to display the features should be more readable to the user.

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