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As such it has led to laboratories picking samples and doing tests to establish the validity of the claims (Snow and Maulucci, 2017). According to the reports generated, it has been found that the honey produced contain a mixture of other chemicals. Consequently, the samples were products which the company exports and imports. According to the report, honey was said to have been mixed with beet and rice syrup and other substances yet to be identified but was detected by the honey tests from the laboratory (Gino, 2015). In China, fake honey is produced and sold at higher prices by international fraudsters. This particularly comes in when the company is concerned with having massive profits and care less about their employees. When this happens, employees’ behavior do change as they tend to suffer more.

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The Australian company, for instance, has engaged in unethical behavior either without consent or with consent. The fact that they sell illegal honey is unethical, and it could be to attain maximum profits. Some of the unethical conduct the company has engaged in are listed below. When it comes to unethical issues, are actions that when done will lead to negative results (Gino, 2015). In businesses, there are various unethical issues that when done they will lead to the company falling. For example, in any business when there are bribes like allowing unskilled personnel to work in the organization, this leads to negative results like the business will not grow as expected. At least thirty percent of organizations would engage in unethical issues either with their consent or not (Manukumar et al.

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It is crucial for managers and other heads to be cautious. There are different unethical issues in the honey industry as follows. Also, some honey producers have their industries on uncouth surroundings making the practice illegal. The first unethical issue Capilano industry might be experiencing is poor harvesting of honey. At some point, some beekeepers during harvest time remove honey from beehives and replaces it with another sugar substitute (Manukumar et al. It could have happened to this company since workers could be complaining about receiving poor services from their heads. Also, the quality of honey is reduced (Snippe, 2018). In essence, if a company used to produce honey with so many nutrients in it, then a specialist would easily note how the quality has reduced due to lack of some of the nutrients.

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This could also result from a polluted area. Gases and air in such areas have been contaminated leading to bees producing a lousy quality of honey. In this case, it is important to ensure that the bees have a perfect place to live in to avoid poor quality honey which results from the pollution of the environment. Also, honey from Capilano industry after test was found to contain certain chemicals. This chemicals could have been used to increase the quantity eventually reducing the quality of the honey. This caused the consumers to complain since a different taste was noted. Such cases arise due to a company lacking enough raw materials and still need to maintain their market standards. However, it is a wrong doing by Capilano hence termed as unethical.

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