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Bangladesh holds Bangladesh chapters of Unilever where it dominates with about 61 percent share while the State Government of Bangladesh takes about 40 percent in shareholding capacity. LUX is classified as a brand that has gained popularity among other Unilever brands. LUX is differentiated into different segments, for instance, the Socio-Economic Cluster (SEC); this takes into consideration of the criteria of the education and profession which is modified in measuring of the financial capacity and abilities of the esteemed clients. The primary target customers are the urban centers and a substantial segment of the entire population. It uses some tactical marketing tools to ensure that the brand is recognized efficiently in the market. The teams are said to play a crucial part in composing the Unilever Company and its executive leadership.

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Divisions in geographic areas They are referred to as inconsequential features in the Unilever’s Organizational Structure. Geographic divisions are paramount in supporting the regional strategies. Literature Review Unilever Company is a global company which begun by producing soap. It is said to be one of the most revolutionized company since 1980’s (Austen-Smith, 2017). With an acute knowledge of the risks and risk assessment, Unilever has adopted clear analysis on how the threats should be dealt with and what strategies to be used in curbing the same. Unilever Company uses a variety of assessments in assessing financial risks (Abraham, 2014). The assessing factors include the obligation to-capital proportion, the commitment and value proportion, intrigue scope proportion and the level of consolidated use. Unilever uses the budgetary hazard proportions in surveying the organization's capital structure and the present level of dangers in the Organization (Reason, 2016).

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Unilever has held it that the capacity to finance its debts is crucial in ensuring that the Company remains competent and soundness of the Company. It is clear that the general performance summary is shown by keenly going through the performance index summary of 2016. It is unmistakably that employees act as assets in any given Company, the higher the company motivates its workers, the higher the chances to which the company ought to thrive well and realize its set missions and objectives. There are various performance indicators adopted in reviewing and establishing the thriving of the Company and determining the direction of Unilever Company regarding the working capacity of its employees. Unilever Company has been in the frontline in ensuring that its employees are assessed and rewarded accordingly.

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Unilever uses various tools in measuring the performance index of the workers. It issues their employees with some stipend at the end of every month on top of their salaries; this offer has played a crucial role in motivating the employees to work even much harder. Motivation and rewarding of the employees go hand in hand and hence any satisfying done to the employees will fuel a positive image to the Company. Unilever has also ensured that rewarding of the employees be done on the baseline of the themed team lunch; this is done by hosting a Company lunch break that will make the employees feel appreciated hence bring cohesion and thriving in the business. The performance indicators and measures will be used to assess the theme selected in the literature review.

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When the risks are known, it will be possible to adopt the legal strategies to which they can be countered and resolved before they cost the company. Conclusion Unilever is said to be among the giant manufacturers in the business world. Unilever as a company has a positive mark in ensuring that it has produced great products that help people and play a critical part in facilitating positive economic growth globally. One of a clear and distinct characteristic of the Unilever Company is its aspect of trying different strategies aimed to produce high-quality products aimed at satisfying consumer needs. It is clear that Unilever brands are used in most parts of the world since it is a stellar company and the positive reputation that it has proved in the recent years.

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