Vanessas Ethical Moral Case Study

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This would allow Rashid to write another resignation letter that allows him to start working at his new job in three weeks’ time and it would make him very happy. The other imperative is that Vanessa could choose to ignore Rashid’s request and follow the company’s regulations hence cause Rashid to lose his new job opportunity, this would allow Vanessa to stick by the company’s policies but it would make Rashid really sad. Various ethical theories on the ethical problems that are faced by Vanessa will be analysed in this essay. Kant’s ethics As illustrated by Kant, every individual should be respected as an end in himself or herself. Kant argues that an individual’s action contribute to a society where the other people act in a moral way.

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The theory illustrates that an action is moral if it makes more people happy; good is defined in the illustration of pleasure and in the absence of pain (Mill, 2018). Once all the stakeholders in this case have been considered and the consequences of the actions have been considered where the stakeholders are other company employees it would be right for Vanessa to get the resignation letter for Rashid. Giving Rashid the chance to go to his new job will give him a chance to help greater societies with his developed career. By denying him the chance to get his new job, Rashid will be destroyed psychologically as an employee, meaning that his work morale will be low thus going against utilitarianism that advocates for happiness (Mill, 2018).

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This will negatively impact his work within the company and it will lead to inefficiency leading to lost revenues. The theory illustrate that a virtuous person is one that who is willing to do virtuous things in their lives not because they benefit them but because this is their character and they do not look to gain any favours from the actions. A moral agent in accordance to virtue theory is an individual that is willing to do what is right because they know that it is the right thing to do and not because they stand to gain anything from their actions (Caiazza, 2014). In reference to the virtue theory, Vanessa should exercise professionalism because it would be the right thing to do and this means that she cannot go into the Human Resource department illegally and take the resignation letter because it would be deemed an immoral thing to do.

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The element of courage and integrity will also apply with Vanessa going into the HR’s office and allowing Rashid to write another letter that allows him to report to his new job in three days because by doing so , it will help him develop his career growth. This theory is hence not effective in helping to demonstrate a clear guideline on how to deal with an imperative ethical issue like the one that is faced by Vanessa. ” Ethical Theory & Moral Practice 16 (3): 529–42. doi:10. 1007/s10677-012-9372-5. Caiazza, John C. “History and Tradition in Virtue Ethics. Gantt, Edwin E. , and Judson Burton. “Egoism, Altruism, and the Ethical Foundations of Personhood. ” Journal of Humanistic Psychology 53 (4): 438–60. doi:10. : Generic NL Freebook Publisher. Accessed December 6.

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