Vestigial traits and evolution

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The biology and evolutionary theories will generally continue to be enormously debated and published. evolution is a significant unifying principle in biology. Everything in biology is considered to have its basis from the evolution of mankind. Evolution cause changes in the genetic makeup of human over time. Biologists have two broad classifications in changed in genetic makeup; macroevolution, where evolution leads to the formation of another species while the other is microevolution, were changed in the genetic lead to body part functions such as vestigiality. But the cause of their existence was hypothesized until Darwin provided the most acceptable explanation using his evolutionary theory. Darwin was familiar with the concept but the term had not yet been coined rather he listed them in his book The Descent of Man.

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He noted that the structures were functionless from their primary function, but were still retain for secondary anatomic roles. The concepts from the Darwin evolve and term vestigial were created to explain its existence of such structures in human being2. Vestigial structures have several traits and are often known to be homologous structures which have a similar function to those which are normally functioning in other species. While the structure has no harm to the organism through every structure needs energy for development and maintenance, this provides pressure to removal of the structure which does not contribute to the organism's fitness. But the structure will need a longer period of time to be phase out from organism system. Although some vestigial structures have been phasing out some have persisted because of the limitations in development.

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