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According to statistics, an average of 200 billion emails are sent and received within a span of one year. This is an evidence of how email marketing has gradually become a cheap and reliable method of reaching the target audience. Based on the same statistics, an average of 15% of people using the website read all their mail messages in their entireness. There is the possibility that the target consumers have the potential of fully adopting the program However, there is a high likelihood that the same customers may reject the advertising. Since Email marketing is a science, there are a number of strategies and techniques that can be set aside to make sure that the highest number of customers are reached out.

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LLC will conduct an analysis that will help improve the future campaigns of the company. Mission Webmedia. LLC will offer its clients with the best tool and techniques which will be used to plan and implement a successful campaign. The nature of our campaigns have been designed to cut through mass marketing, enhance client satisfaction and also increase the number of sales within the company. Our company has the mission of grabbing the readers immediately and providing them with direct messages. They also plan to secure a long term business loan. Below is a graph chart that represents the initial startup coast of Webmedia. LLC Company. Services Webmedia. LLC Company offer services that include email marketing projects in its eternity form.

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They include: • Offline companies • Online companies with ecommerce platforms Before the Webmedia. LLC Company takes off, there is need to identify the wide range of both individual and corporate clients who are in dire needs of our services. These are companies and individuals who need the services of our company to be able to reach out to their clients. We therefore have come up with a strategy that will help us to identify and reach out to those organizations including corporate, government agencies and the non-profit organizations. Majority of the companies on our list are those that can barely function without our services. LLC Company lies within the power and ability of our team and the entire workforce. Our company has set up a team of digital marketers who are not only proficient but are also results driven and creative.

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Our company has a team of qualified and experienced marketers in diverse niches within the digital marketing industry and other related fields. More to the highly proficient team, Webmedia. LLC Company has a digital marketing experts. It is because of these goals that the company has mapped out a strategy that will give the company the perfect opportunity to grow, become established and also be a force to recon with within the existing markets. Webmedia. LLC plans to utilize the following digital sales and marketing strategies with the intentions of attracting customers: • Bid for digital marketing contracts from government offices including other corporate organizations • Send brochures and letters to companies, corporations and individuals and the key stakeholders of the company • Engage a direct approach on marketing • Create varied packages for different clients based on their budgets while being able to deliver quality services and designs • Marketing using word of mouth from satisfied and loyal customers Pricing Strategy Webmedia.

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LLC Company will keep the prices of its services below the average rate of the existing market rate for all the clients. The company will make this possible by collecting payment in advance and keeping its overhead low from other corporate organization that have the potential of hiring the services of this company. We are set to be second after none for both individual and corporate clients locally and beyond. General Funding Webmedia. LLC digital marketing company will be financed, managed and owned by the major stakeholders and partners for many years. They are the ones financing the business, this being the reason why the sourcing of the startup capital is restricted. However, we have come up with other sources that will generate our start-up capital.

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