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Background Westin hotel is situated in America and was owned at first by the Marriott hotels and company. It has gained worldwide fame for their services and their availability since the hotels are scattered all over the world, and are all classy and have their style. Westin Hotel has over 270 hotels across the world which make their customers prefer the Westin Hotel as compared to other hotels offering the same services. What makes hotels more attractive are their view of both the interior and the exterior and also the surrounding areas of the hotels. The Westin hotel was founded 88 years ago in 1930 by Severt W. Growth strategy The Westin hotel is one of the fastest growing hotels in the business industry since it has managed to conquer the world with over 270 luxurious hotels spread across the world.

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What makes a hotel grow faster is the management style and the strategies put in place to ensure its development (1). The Westin has one of the most competent management in the history of hotel management since they always ensure employee and customer satisfaction before considering making any profits. When employees and customers are satisfied, profits will come naturally since customers will be satisfied and come back for more. With their good services and putting customer interests first, the growth of the hotel has been rapidly leading to an expansion to the level that it has branches all over the world. Burj Al Arab has a strong management team that ensures all the customers who visited the hotel leave with a desire to come back soon.

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Current market position Both Westin and Burj Al Arab hotel are in a better position in the market since they both attract more customers across the world and make profits. During the holiday season, the preferred place to visit is the Burj Al Arab hotel since it has good services and also family activities like boat riding that will bring families together. This puts the hotel in the top of the market during the holidays. On the other hand, Westin hotel has more locations in the world that Burj Al Arab hotel which makes it preferable during all seasons. One of the weaknesses of Westin hotel is the cost structures. Westin hotel spends most of its profits building new hotels in different parts of the world which makes the hotel left with less money for upgrades and renovations on their current hotels.

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This is a major weakness and can lead to the fall of the hotel if not corrected. One of the weaknesses of the Burj Al Arab hotel is the fact that it has only one branch in the world which makes it harder for people far away to access the hotel. This is a weakness since the hotel loses more customers and money because of their location. Dubai being a cosmopolitan area is an advantage, but the fact that Arabs are more in the place is a threat to the economy of the hotel. PESTLE analysis Political Political factors determine the natures of the hotels and the profitability of the hotels and resort. Both hotels are supported by their governments, and all the political factors favour them (3).

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Westin hotel and Resorts supports government functions and hosts government dignitaries which clearly show the support from the government. Economic The economy of these hotels is supported by the visitors who travel across the world to visit the hotel. Critical analysis and future of the company With all the strategies put in place for the two hotels, in a few years, these hotels will be the most dominant hotels in the market with branches all over the world. The main plan for the Westin hotel is to conquer and build branches across the world to maximise their profitability and to increase their customer base. Burj Al Arab plans to make their designs as unique as possible to attract a larger customer base and also to maximise their profits.

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These can be achieved through the training of staff and conducting the most hospitable business in the hotel industry. Conclusion Westin hotel and Burj Al Arab hotel are two of the most luxurious and dormant hotels in history. Therefore, all aspects are implemented by funding the personnel and organization deliverables. All the stakeholders in Westin and Burj Hotels and Resorts are involved in the implementation and the required resources provided to ensure its successful in all its endeavors. The organisation effectively installs the strategic control measure to ensures the desired goals are achieved. The routine standards, budget,measurement of real performance, analysis of the reason for failure to meet certain performance standards, and evolving a plan to correct presentation deviations is well done by the Westin and Burji Arab hotel.

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