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The main reasons as to why companies and organizations are adopting the cloud-based computing systems have been mainly as a result of the benefits that are realized through the use of cloud computing, and they include; Cloud computing has allowed business to store more and also large amounts of data and information. The cloud computing services offer a chance to store massive large amounts of data for an organization and also allow them to access the information at any given time and from some devices (Laudon and Laudon, 2016). As such, cloud storage also allows the data of business to be safe and also provide space to store or operate in other ways. Another benefit that clouds computing is that it allows businesses to build large databases in that the amount of data that an organization may have may be used strategically to implement or use within the organization.

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The last but not the least benefit that an organization may have is that the business has quick access to any desired information that it may choose to have and as such, it is increasing the number of people and businesses that are using the system. However, the cloud computing servers and providers have tried their best to ensure that there is security and the data of their clients is safe. Inflexible Inflexibility is also another disadvantage that cloud computing has to organizations that may opt to use the services. Organizations and business should be careful to the vendor that they chose since there are aspects such as terms and conditions as well as proprietary applications and formats that may lock business operations.

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Technical issues and lack of support These are also other disadvantages that may impact the operations of a business. Most cloud computing vendors have poor technical support and also some technical issues, and this may impact the operations of the organization if there might be a problem. Question 4: Problems that Smartphone Security weaknesses cause for business Cell phones of numerous types are powerless to program based malware that exploits vulnerabilities in all programs. What's more, most cell phones, including the iPhone, allow the producers to remotely download design records to refresh working frameworks and security insurances. To assess this, organizations were asked about the security breaches, and around 59% responded that employees dodge or debilitate security highlights, for example, passwords and key locks.

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