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Since then, the company has come up with different strategies aimed at maintaining its position. However, these strategies are not enough. The fact is that people have lost trust in this company since the 1992 case (“Apple Computer 1992” 1). It needs to come up with ways, and make a thorough analysis of the next move that it should take. Therefore, there is need to look into some of the future prospects that the company might consider to progress and assess the external and internal environment of the company. Competitors that chase the latest release of Apple will always find themselves behind when a few months later, the company introduces its greatest and latest offering (Daniel, and Holmström 59). Moving forward, the company will always focus on where it can make a significant contribution by hiring great innovators with the ability of making the best things in the world.

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This trend has always prevailed in the company, and it does not wish to relent in the near future (Pisano 45). In fact, the company knows that innovation is its strength, and it focusses on this aspect because it does not want to lose its competitive advantage. Apple should not only focus on creating beautiful, and innovative products. Apple’s Innovation System The company should continue to commit its innovation to culture, and not process. The innovation of the company is distinct because its most successful products were started with a few people, and no hierarchy or formal structure, and little corporate oversight (Daniel, and Holmström 65). Apple intends to continue with the same spirit, as it will incorporate an organizational culture that will make all the employees have the zeal to portray such discipline (Pisano 48).

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The effective innovation system in the company aims at harnessing creativity in the employees, stimulating new ideas, streamlining the design processes, and launching successful, and profitable innovations. External Environment Wrong Perception of Outsiders on Apple and the Way Forward for the Company People have different opinions on Apple, and it is a fact that most of the reviews that the company have received of late have been negative (“Apple Computer 1992” 12). Technologists believe that the heady tech leadership days of the company are over, and it should indulge in an entirely new activity to matter again. However, with the innovation techniques of the company, it is yet to prove them wrong. In conclusion, the only thing that Apple can do is to embrace its culture of innovation.

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