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Living in a different niche would make it hard for human beings to participate in their activities which have a positive impact on the environment. In the described niche, the environment presents many differences including its inhabitants being formed by a large percentage of animals. The niche supports human life just like my personal niche. The niche, however, does not give room to for success of most human activities. As an ecologist, making changes would become necessary to fit in the new environment. The described habitat has its survival advantages arising from favorable climate and availability of food to support the lives of the kangaroos. Human beings have adapted to the two types of habitats and niches. This has taken place due to the evolution and changes that have taken place in the genes and biological components in the human body.

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Human beings have managed to make changes in the environment and most have favored their ability to withstand the different conditions presented by the environment (Alcamo, Bennett & Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (Program). The adaptation process is highly associated with the evolution process in the human bodies so that they can play different roles in the ecosystem as well as fit in different habitats. For instance, taking care of the environment by avoiding activities that would have a negative impact remains one of them. Also, I have learned to play roles that will lead to sustainability in the future. Living in my niche has also made me learn to appreciate every living being niche since they play an important role in the ecosystem.

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