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The restaurant has around 20 employees who work on full time basis. This family business majorly serves Northern Indian cuisine and some English delicacies. The researcher has risenup the ranks to become the assistant manager of the restaurant. His duties and responsibilities include supervising the team, respond to unsatisfied customers, stand in for the management, address employee complaints, and oversee successful completion of projects. The researcher utilizes workplace competencies during the execution of his duties. Jaipur Palace Indian Restaurant is arguably one of the best Indian eateries located in the Wellington Point. Overview of the Assessment 2 The researcher prides himself as a dedicated assistant manager with the appropriate and valuable skills to discharge his duties according to the job descriptions and the dictations of the organizational culture.

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His duties and responsibilities include supervising the team, respond to unsatisfied customers, stand in for the management, address employee complaints, and oversee successful completion of projects. He also helps to keep the store and ensure that the supplies are enough to meet the day’s demand. The researcher also performs some managerial tasks such as evaluating staff performance and schedule work durations. The researcher is happy and settled at his position but he won’t mind taking any other challenge in another company. He dreams of becoming a manger someday or having a competitive job in another challenging environment. Assessment 2 Section 1 Executive Summary The researcher is working with the Jaipur Palace Indian Restaurant as an assistant manager. The restaurant is located at the Wellington Point.

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The eatery serves Indian dishes and some English cuisine. Around 20 full time employees provide the crucial services such as management, supervisory, cooking, and serving. The restaurant serves Northern Indian cuisine and some English dishes. The business opens at 5:30 PM and closes late at night. The restaurant is operational seven days a week. There is a private dinning room, restaurant areas, and Alfresco dining area. Once in a while, the restaurant may fail to meet the customer’s expectation thus it is important to logically address such incidences. It is the duty of the assistant manager to preside over such concerns. The researcher has successfully addressed such issues in the past owing to his exemplary interpersonal and communication skills. He is able to stay calm and polite while addressing customer’s complaints.

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Handling negative feedbacks is important in assessing the status of the business thus aiding in business development strategy. Oversee Completion of Projects The researcher is responsible for steering the projects that have been initiated by the business. This implies that the researcher is the project manager of the Jaipur Palace Indian Restaurant. The role involves defining the scope of organization’s projects, organization human and financial capital, structuring schedules, running the budget, and framing reports. Effective communication skills are very critical in this role. Organizational Culture Jaipur Palace Indian Restaurant is medium family business but with a defined well organizational culture. Hard working and result oriented employees are rewarded through promotions and pay increment. The business has an elaborative succession and transitional plan.

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Whenever there is a vacancy, the organization advertises the post and select the qualified candidate through a competitive process. In some special cases, the business can hire an employee through referral methods. The organization has a welfare program where employees with social issues are assisted to overcome their challenges. Technological functioning is important in addressing challenges arising from the business computerized systems such as invoicing, emailing, and cashless payments. The researcher has been able to equip himself with the necessary technological knowhow in line with the conditions of the digital revolution. Conflict Control Perspective Conflict management is an essential element of workplace competence (Ali et al. An assistant manager should be able to handle and mitigate conflicts arising between employees or customers.

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The researcher is always available to solve interpersonal conflicts in order to streamline business operations. They include: Strengths The researcher has the following strengths, intelligence, innovativeness, determination, result oriented, problem solving skills, creative, conflict management, and forward thinking. Weaknesses Researcher’s personal weaknesses are teamwork, patience, and focus. The researcher is not able to consistently demonstrate strengths on these qualities. Opportunities Owing to the researcher’s skills, strengths, and current position, the researcher is likely to land opportunities in service industry, middle and senior management level in other companies, as well other lucrative leadership positions. Threats The researcher faces threats from other professionals serving in other middle management levels in small organizations. The restaurant has around 20 fulltime employees who are supervised and managed by this researcher.

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