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Since the business created optimum conditions for us, I generally enjoyed working at the organization. I only moved to enhance my expertise and advance my career. Working for 7-Eleven I have been working for the 7-Eleven Inc. for quite a while before I left for my current job which I do as I study. Previously, I worked as the store assistance administrator for the firm at one of its outlets. The company deals in a wide range of products that we use in our homes on daily basis. The products range from the household goods to office stationary to fuel that we use in our vehicles to enhance transportation and fresh products for human consumption. Despite selling the wide variety of products to its consumers, the company itself is not a manufacturer. It makes deals with vendors and suppliers who convey their products to the business at a quotation. The firm then sells the products to the consumers through its over two-thousand outlets across many countries which have been acquired through franchising, licensing, and acquisitions among other related initiatives. The first element about the business that I liked about the company is the fact that despite having so many stores across the region and globally at large; the corporate culture is constant throughout all of them. Being the assistance administrator, I was allowed to access information about the operations in the other stores and how they are run as well as their corporate culture through the company profiles provided as the basics for every store to follow.

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I believe that by understanding that what we do at our stores in the U. S. is exactly the same as what others are doing in Japan makes employees to understand why it is important to do their best I enhancing customer satisfaction. Impact of Culture and Diversity With respect to the corporate culture, the management usually provided the employees with the basic and fundamental information to help them understand the organization mission and vision and help them to align their interests along them. Once everyone understood what they are required to do, the process of doing it would be up to the employee to figure out their best preferred way that they believe can enhance customer satisfaction and also the corporate image of the company. The senior management individuals usually reminded us that we needed to make decisions at the levels of operations and delegate the decisions regarding the customer service to the people who directly handle the consumers.

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It was emphasized that in every region, there are different types of consumers with differing needs and attitudes. It therefore takes a prudent operator to understand these needs and shift his/her service delivery to accommodate them without having to sacrifice the quality of service delivery or customer satisfaction. Within the stores and outside, the employees would be situated at the workstations happily pondering about their experiences during the day and discussing other matters that they deem important either to the work or their life away from job. This helped a lot to reduce pressure at work. It would also be easy for the employee to request the assistance of their adjacent colleague when serving the customer, especially when further assistance was needed as per the request or need of the client.

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Customers felt that they would approach anyone at the store for help and get the attention of the entire workforce when needed. They always saw employees happily talking to each other and to them when they were being served, something that made them feel like already part of the family. The association among the diverse workforce and their involvement in decision-making process enhanced the management success and effectivity. Actually, upon entering the store, no one can tell who is the manager or supervisor from the other employees. They are all involved in working various duties and others shifting to help where the need arises. This was the greatest principle that company has held, especially due to its diverse nature which accommodates people from different ethnic groups and both genders at work.

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There is one instance I remember a customer wanted to make an order to be delivered to the house for a wide range of household goods and wanted to inquire from the manager. It is my goal to make my employees feel the same way I felt while working for 7-Eleven Inc. where job satisfaction and experience makes one feel greater than their salaries would ever do. Conclusion In conclusion, we can say that the working environment highly influences the attitude and motivation of an employee to work. The success of business can also be said to rely on how happy he employees are. Moreover, we can conclude that 7-Eleven was a good place to work as it enhanced employee understanding to generate customer satisfaction.

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