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Incidences of impingement of human rights

Such incidents have often been witnessed in certain particular countries such as…

Words: 597Pages: 3

The Impact of ISIS Leadership and Organization Funding on Sustainable Development in Iraq and Syria

The overall economic health, growth, and development in Syria and Iraq has…

Words: 2461Pages: 10

ISIS and Human Rights Violations

Thereafter, topic such as genocides, child right violation, gender based violence and…

Words: 4186Pages: 16

The Role of the International Community in addressing the rise of ISIS

The rapid and radical evolution of ISIS from AL Qaeda under the…

Words: 3661Pages: 14

Strategic surprises and why intelligence fails sometimes

In my view, adequate strategic intelligence and warning with the entire information…

Words: 837Pages: 4

Welcomeness local law enforcement and immigrants Analysis

Succinctly, she goes on to elucidate on the concept of “welcomeness” and…

Words: 1028Pages: 4

With Snap Yes in Oval Office Article Analysis

His way of greeting and the way he started the conversation made…

Words: 576Pages: 3

Trump's tall task Finding jobs for America's forgotten people

html OVERVIEW: Many people, especially economist believe trust that America is at full…

Words: 631Pages: 3

Left Right The Brain Science of Politics

Nevertheless, the manner in which bio politics is supported is not true…

Words: 983Pages: 4

Is Islam a constructive or destructive force for democracy in the Middle East

First, the sharia law undermines the rule of law because it discriminates…

Words: 576Pages: 3

President trump should not use allocations for other purposes to build his wall

The number of people arrested at the Southern border has decreased by…

Words: 438Pages: 2

Belief in trump falling

This ideally provides that the citizens in the country do not believe…

Words: 319Pages: 2