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The Most Interesting Event ofThe Chapter One of the main issues that were particularly of key interest in this chapter is the political scaffold that has often been existence in the United States. In the chapter, Zinn argues that although the United States had come with key efforts of effecting the American Revolution, the truth remains that, no substantial change was implemented in the long run. According to Zinn, the American Revolution was only implemented as a mere strategy aimed at substituting one era of tyranny with another. He continues to point out that the American founding fathers were not concerned with addressing the problems faced by the lower classes of the society (Zinn 56). As such, their main aim was only to come up with a better system that represented the people with no apparent regard for the weaker section of the people in lower economic ranks.

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Personal Connection to the Material From a personal point of view, I find this chapter very intuitive as it allows the readers to learn the ins and outs of the America political history. To be specific, the author points out the dynamics of what the tyrannical colonial rule aswell as the preceding government system which, is also similar to the outgoing one. Zinn does not shy away from pointing out the obvious no how the founding fathers were able to utilize an opportunity to their advantage. He writes that their actions had merely been in the form of response to incoming events. Chapter 5; a Kind of Revolution To best tell the American history through the use of the Marxist lens. New Fact/ Fact Not To Be Forgotten Just like in the fourth chapter, the fifth one bears some additional truths to it regarding the matter of the American Revolution.

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Zinn points out that the elites were able to join forces after the war where they agreed that they would come up with a war that would enable them to protect what they had already gained. This goes to show that the formation of the first Americangovernment by the founding fathers was setup behind greedy motives. As one reads further into the book, Zinn presents some rather interesting statements. He first starts by pointing out how studies and people have chosen over the years to believe that actual reason as t why founders were eager for the United States to obtain self-rulefrom the British Empire. This, therefore,means that this margin of the American population would endure injustices for both thereracial background and their feminism.

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This was mainly owing to the physical aspects of being a woman. The Most Interesting Event of the Chapter In the book, one of themost interesting events in the book is where the authors express his concern over the plight of women. Truthfully, the roles of women in the nineteenth century had been greatly undermined in general. In this chapter, Zinn highly lays much emphasis and focus on the role of women internalwithin the Anglo-American society. Personal Connection to the Material Historically, the issues of women struggle to becomeequals in the society would hold both social and political challenges. Although this was eventually the case, I am also happy that the womenwere able to come up with a physicalbreakthrough for the women.

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For instance, by 1821, the troy female seminary became the first educational institution that would ever be recognized. Chapter 9; Slavery without Submission, Emancipation without Freedom The Most Interesting Event of the Chapter Oneof themost important issues, perhaps in the entire book isduring the discussionsregarding the issue of racism. During the 16th century, the government ruling at the time as eagerly inclined towardscoming up with relevant measures towards addressing the issue of racial prejudice. Zinn argues that the united states government often tends to make crucial decisions, likely to affect the public based on whether theyare likely to affect them directly at the time or not. New Fact/ Fact Not To Be Forgotten The author points out that the sole reason of theUnited States taking part in the Second World Warwas notreallyto get rid of the Nazi German forces but as a key way of enhancing its overall benefits Personal Connection to the Material Based on the author’s arguments, I believe that many administrations have over the year been involved international relations as a greedy strategy of enhancing its overall economic benefits.

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