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Having produced a president in recent times the city can be proud of enabling this country to have a leader but it seems the problems that they were facing before are still with them. Therefore, the need to ensure that Chicago is as vibrant as its people lies in the ability of any person, corporation, the government and the people of good will in ensuring that they assist in any way they can to help in restoring their pride. Volunteering to take part in the building exercise with Habitat Chicago has been an eye-opener on the need to have housing development initiatives in America as most people are suffering. However, the suffering of the Chicago people seems to be entrenched more in the society than in other regions across America.

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Many reports in the media usually claim that Chicago is a very violent place and it is no wonder you find many police patrol cars moving up and down and sometimes they can be seen apprehending criminals. The observations of how Chicagoans interact with each other is seen as a measure of the neighborhood or the part of the city that someone comes from. This is because there are different outlooks in life for the people in relation to the neighborhood where one is brought up and raised and how they understand the problems and strengths of each other (Hirsch, 2009). At the sites where we get to spend time and talk with each other shows, the Chicagoans are very hardworking people from what I have seen and it could also be associated with the task at hand which requires seriousness and concentration.

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I feel inclined to do the same and more but the work that is undertaken is specified for each group and individual. Therefore, the main issue that any volunteer is supposed to undertake is what is given by the site supervisors and the immediate person who is responsible for ensuring that instructions are followed. The volunteer program is open to all members of the society and it can be accessed through their official website which has all the details of what one requires to be able to undertake volunteering exercise. The ability to connect with people is not a simple task moreover when those people do not know whether you are undertaking the volunteer exercise for public relations, social media influence or for the goodwill of one’s heart.

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Therefore, in the first few days of any volunteer program, it is very hard to be as welcomed as someone would want to since that you are using your time and energy in ensuring that people you may never meet in your life are going to benefit. I came to learn that people continue to get comfortable with you once they seem the amount of input that you are able to give on the task that you are assigned. Any team that engages in the volunteer program at Chicago habitat has probably never met again but the circumstance which leads to the interactions and moving forward with the main aim that has brought them together is very commendable. University of Chicago Press.

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