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Beyoncé hit the international scale of fame in the late 1990s when her group that comprised of Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams released the song Destiny’s Child under the support of her father Mathew Knowles. Since then, Beyoncé has released several albums and also continued successfully with her acting career, with lead roles in The Dreamgirls (2006), The Panther (2006) and Obsessed (2009). She received an enormous critical acclaim in 2016 when she released her sixth album Lemonade. Beyoncé’s power to influence Beyoncé is that woman that every teenage girl aspires to be. Probably because for a long time she has been the undisputed holder of pop music’s crown and the several accolades she has received in her lifetime. Again in February 2015 at Grammy Awards, West while next to his wife Kardashian said he had confidence in Beyoncé and that she should have won in the category.

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Beyoncé’s passion for life extends beyond music. She has embarked on world tours thereby adding value to her performance vitae that already crowed the inaugural ceremonies of two US presidents. Music might be the foundation of her phenomenon and also merely her starting point. Behind the art business Beyoncé’s fame also arises from her prowess in business. The feminist icon Beyoncé was once declared in 2014 by Forbes as the most powerful and influential celebrity of the world. She has optimized her world reputation towards championing of gender sensitivity. This has been made possible through her powerful charity – the #BeyGood Project. She reveals her feminist trait during the (TEDx) Technology, Entertainment, Design Talk (We Should All Be Feminist) that was given by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie of Nigeria.

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Beyoncé blends the first verse then concedes the stage to Chimamanda. Whether she smokes or drinks in private no one knows. Also, she is able to play with her vocal cords and at the same time dance like a maniac, and still sounds wow. Some claim she teaches teenagers to go through dating, relationships that yield to marriage and bring forth children thereby living responsible lives. On the contrary, other people rebuke Beyoncé on social media as a devil worshipper. Some argue that Queen Bey is feigning innocence and going even to an extent of claiming that she is a feminist just to win the public’s trust. She wouldn’t even tell anyone if she was in love with Jay-Z.

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She respects her personal life, Jay-Z’s life and that for her kids and carries her life responsibly without exploiting her family. She makes no apologies. We can’t assume that Beyoncé does not read comments being constantly posted on the internet by the public about how she carries herself (Umeogu, 2012). She is who she is and lives not to please anybody. Her weird movements while on stage are all meant to thrill the audience. She moves the crowd during live performances and this explains why she has several followers worldwide. The public figure once in a while amazed her audience when she surprised them with pizzas in London. She carried 200 pizzas which she gave out generously to the audience to at least make their waiting bearable.

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