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The main character is an addict on constant pain medication that he utilizes to get rid of pain existing in his leg. Dr. Gregory leads a team of diagnosticians at Princeton Teaching Hospital. Events in the movie depict Dr. Gregory as an individual who loves conflict with his diagnostic squad owing to his ability to derive controversial insights on patients' illnesses. Each episode of the show comprises an intriguing medical case that puzzles all characters. Dr. Gregory House's team works tooth and nail to create solutions that would see patients recover health. This creates a dilemma for the audience considering that the audience cannot predict the procession of events in the television show. It is at this time that Gregory steps in with different and controversial solutions that help patients recuperate.

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The film keeps the audience in suspense as to what characters can say and do. This supply of fresh ideas invigorates the minds of lovers of the movie from around the globe. The amount of such unconventional ideas keeps enthusiasts of the film coming back for more episodes and in some instances watching and re-watching the show. The world can rest in the comfort that somewhere in the world is a team of professional writers with adept knowledge on their specific crafts and actors with profound skills. HOUSE MD is a terrific show with exceptional writing. This sad state of events motivates Dr. House to pursue personal development as the means of becoming the best diagnostician. In the film, Lisa Cuddy forces House to attend to his clinic hours that he had avoided for a number of years.

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The medical drama comedy covers sensitive matters like wrong diagnosis and medical bureaucracy to provide impetus for the show. Because Dr. Hugh Laurie has a direct style of communication that he utilizes to get the message across in a seemingly cruel fashion. His character traits are some of the qualities audiences and people from around the globe would love to incorporate into their individual lives. Hugh Laurie does not sugarcoat his words and calls people idiots in their faces and audiences, and other characters equally adore him for this unlovable trait. The contradictions between Hugh Laurie personal defects and the state of the world around him is another foundation for the film that provides an edge for the extent of originality only HOUSE MD could cover.

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Every individual who has watched the movie wants to get into Hugh Laurie's head to discover aspects of his tastes and preferences aside from the general hospital and his Vicadin addiction. Hugh Laurie achieves these objectives by showing people the truth and making them accomplish a substantial amount of happiness by posing significant existential questions (Barnette 20). Conclusion HOUSE MD is a favorite show that captures the minds of the audience. Despite a few critiques of the film, the majority of people would watch the show more than two times. The writers of the movie painted events in a love or hate manner that created suspense, mystery, introspection, humor, irony, sarcasm, satire, and other elements that make for an exciting masterpiece. With these facts in mind coupled with rational details concerning the number of views generated by the show through the eight seasons, this expository essay would conclude by stating that HOUSE MD is the best medical drama in the world.

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