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com, 2018) whilst in US it is made up of statement of financial position, an income statement, statement of comprehensive income, cash flow statement and accompanying notes (PwC, 2018). However Czech establishments do prepare cash glide statement on optional foundation. Adjustments in accounting policies: Czech general accepted accounting standards do allow for effect in changes in accounting postulates to be shown in equity as other earnings or loss for previous periods. In US adjustments in accounting rules is recognized in a retrospective way in comparative periods. Additives of cash and cash equivalents: Czech generally accepted accounting standards do allow for stamps and vouchers like postage stamps and meal vouchers are to be counted as part of cash equivalents not like in US which exclude them.

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Economic Motives Behind ABC Acquisitions Enhance performance: similarities in strategies among acquiring financial institutions helps improve performance. This supports the view that acquisitions among enterprises with alike objectives results in more benefits than that among enterprises with divergent objective orientations. This is realized through growing and strengthening its position and enhancing efficiency by means of economies of scale. Strategic re-positioning: ABC plc being a huge financial institution with an international status is likely to get into a merger so as to reposition themselves strategically with the motive of diversifying its risks and smooth variability of revenues. This additionally allows exploitation of strategic opportunities through synergies and convergence of industries Cross-border learning: loss of conventional answers to control and company issues does now not imply that nations should not undertake exchange examination; indeed, looking throughout the cross exchange offers best methods pertaining control, or corporation.

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Market growth: in the face of normal business cycle ABC plc needs to pursue new markets, innovate new products and services. To expand into new markets to achieve corporate growth and increase the number of clients Competitive advantage: an acquisition will enable exploitation to make the most strategic possibilities via synergies and convergence of industries to enhance the satisfactory and amount of merchandise/services. Therefore being more competitive Economic state of Czech and US; currently Czech Republic is experiencing a vibrant economy while US has been on a stable economy signifying their attractive to investments and enhanced future prospects. It is also worth noting that economic growth favors Greenfield investments to acquisitions (Dutordoir, Roosenboom and Vasconcelos, 2014). Foreign exchange rate of Czech Republic and US: ABC will be wealthier in case the Czech and US currencies are depreciating.

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Complements relevance; similarly to timeliness it ensures that info is in shape for the meant course and aim. The traditional reporting method of annual publishing has not fulfilled the need of stakeholders to have information at the right time because of its shortfalls in processing bulky statistics and excessive expenses. that is in connection to the truth that stakeholders have interest in what has happened today or the day prior to this and not a month ago to be able to make sound choices (Granlund, Mouritsen & Vaassen, 2013). Consistent online publishing of financial data; through integrated monetary gadget ABC will be internet linked and stakeholders around the world may have access to information they want each time with the aid of regarding the enterprise internet site and access financial lists with any current changes.

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Superior data quality: automation of accounting system will have fantastic guide to ABC group accountants of their analytical and decisions making allowing them shift from accumulation, evaluation and preparing monetary statements to interpretation, involvement in selection making and manage.  International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 24, pp.  Bank, T.  Czech Republic - Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSC) : Accounting and auditing. [online] Documents. worldbank. and Clerk, F.  The chartered accountant in the information technology age. London, United Kingdom: ICAEW Dutordoir, M. , Roosenboom, P. and Vasconcelos, M. and Vaassen, E. On the relations between modern information technology, decision making and management control.  International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 14(4), pp. Gregory, A. and McCorriston, S. and O'Regan, N. The Effects of Cross-border and Cross-industry Mergers and Acquisitions on Home-region and Global Multinational Enterprises.

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