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The internship offer at Accurate Accounting and Taxation Services provides a significant input gaining work experience. The role of an accounting intern in the organization comes with different experiences that will boost my expertise on establishing a career pathway which will influence the profession for the better. The roles that I will play in the organization under the supervision of CPA Accountants and a certified trainer as a mentor to enhance my progression and gain of essential skills to kick-start my career journey. The work experience in the field working with senior accountants with extensive experience handling challenging accounting tasks will enhance my understanding of the workload ahead and models of maneuver across different assignments. The learning process is one component that creates significant value to my career growth prospects since it presents an opportunity to know something new thereby impact the understanding of the profession.

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The advertisement for the position provided the requisite skills that would qualify an individual to get the position of an internship. The recruitment process was open and fair to candidates interested in the position without any limitations whatsoever on any discriminative basis. The benefits that equally come with the successful attainment of the position were explained in the advertisement as an affirmation of the significance of the undertaking to the applicant. The process was fair, transparent and open for people to take on the opportunity that will provide substantive gains to the beneficiaries of the post. A recruitment process is expected to project an image of an equal opportunity employer who looks into competence and merit rather than undertakes other prejudices that do not paint the recruiter in a bad light (Swider, Zimmerman, and Barrick, 2015).

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I am currently at the university studying Bachelor of Commerce accounting option where I have gained a lot in improving my skills and knowledge in the discipline. I treasure the initiation of best accounting practices that assure the achievement of transformative techniques capable of matching my skills set with client expectation. The business environment in the contemporary society values innovation as the building blocks behind the establishment of ground-breaking products that define a new dispensation. The university had significant resources that made it possible for me to gain adequate training based on the contemporary developments occasioned by technological advancement. Technology plays a pivotal role in aligning skills and knowledge to best modern standards and market expectations. My knowledge and skills in the accounting studies enhance my understanding to accrue the capacity of service in the profession with dignity and adherence to ethical guidelines.

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I hold the view that the quality of any job is achieved by ensuring that I participate in the process of the developing new ways to meet the underlying developments in the profession. It is the passion and love that I possess for accounting that fuels the creativity to establish models that allow the profession to grow in through substantive innovation. In my studies at the university, I was presented with an opportunity to improve both my academic and work ethic culture. The university prepared me for the professional world on how to engage with clients for better understanding that will add value to my profile in the market. The results led to resolution of the misunderstanding with both teachers and students hailing my commitment to diplomacy as an effective way of resolving conflicts.

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ii) Question: Detail an experience of when you felt stressed and how you handled the situation? Response: There are instances when I have been stressed in life due to the pressure that comes with the need to meet certain deadlines. The need to meet the deadlines like for example when I was expected to bring up a team for an accounting concept preparation, I was challenged with the need to develop an impressive undertaking within a short period of time. I used my interpersonal skills to effectively mobilize team members within short notice and managed to put up an impressive performance that won as several accolades. iii) Question: Have you ever in your life made a mistake? How did you handle that situation? Response: I have ever made a mistake from time to time in life but there was one instance that keeps on taking on my mind.

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It was my first time to attend an interview that obviously made me nervous about how better to offer a pleasant presentation especially judging from the fact that I was a student leader at the university. Nonetheless, the passion I head towards accounting and taking on an opportunity of a lifetime to improve my skills, I decided to take on the questions boldly. The interview was a rewarding experience that tested my ability to speak objectively before a panel of professionals in a field that I cherish for purposes of establishing excellence. The interview was an eye-opener for me to seek training on a presentation that would improve my ability to engage people that I have never met and seek to convince them to support an idea that I believe would influence the accounting profession for the better.

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