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The early 90s witnessed a high rise of organized crime groups in America. These criminal groups have moved from the traditional point of view to include financial and economic criminal groups that uses sophisticated means to steal and manipulate the financial situations of groups or a country to benefit themselves. The high rise of organized crime groups is not just an American problem but something that has been witnessed in other parts of the world. The cartel groups in Latin America, the terror groups in the Middle East, the Boko Haram and other terror groups in Africa, are some of the key examples in other parts of the world. The situation has further escalated to global issue as world politics and leadership are influenced as world governance has failed to stop the organized crimes.

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From these definitions, it is evident that a team of individuals who come together with the aim of causing or committing criminal activities are identified as organized crime groups. Origin of organized crime. The evolution of organized crime groups has been witnessed over time. In the US the greatest crime threat has been the Italian American Mafia commonly known as La Cosa Nostra (LCN). This groups terrorized people and plagued various sectors of American society and the economy (Ott, 2012). However, it is very hard for them to convert the money they get from this deals and this calls for corruption. Corruption is involved so that the source of the money may not be detected because these may lead to them being summoned.

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According to research, the business of organized crimes is the world’s largest business. The rapid growth of this business is as a result of improved technology; this makes the transfer of funds quick without attracting too many investigations. Organized crimes pose a great threat to the youths because if cautions are not put in place, many young people will lose their lives to crime. Additionally, forensic accounting entails investigations of cases involving financial crimes, litigation support, and dispute resolution which shows the need for the application of the forensic accounting techniques. Effects of organized crimes on the society and the international community Organized crimes effect both the local and the global markets. Organized crimes have affected the health care systems as well as monetary security and lastly safety systems.

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This kind of crime ends up costing the economy of a given society millions of money every year. The crime has contributed to things such as violence, humiliation, and corruption. Forensic accountant are believed to possess theses key training and skills that can be used to identify and potential reduced the increased cases of financial and economic crimes. Thus, like other identified social crime groups financial crimes needs to be addressed effectively to eliminate the ever increasing economic organized crime groups. Forensic accounting proves to be the key to resolving this issue globally. Conclusion Organized crime is a serious as concern globally. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that it is curbed as early as possible. This helps to confirm that they are not involved in the illegal business as a way of “cleaning dirty money” for some officials or employees.

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