Commercial Accounting has no place in Central Government

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The net revenues accrued from such systems is critically based on cash flows and transactions from traders. Therefore, all flows from any organization and individuals are absolutely catered for with much enthusiasm on the interest rates that will yield more revenues to the government whereas the latter (commercial system) the method is not taken into much considerations (Edwards, 2013, p. Secondly, based on maintenance, commercial system’ objective is to determine the externalities from the organization and liquidity of cash from the external environment to the internal environment of the organization. Contrarily, government is just concerned with fund position in various organizations. Furthermore, commercial accounting is absolutely maintained by adhering to the stipulated rules and regulations of made acceptable principles of the system except in Russia where both the Sovereign government and the citizens have power to set their own governing rules and regulations due to misunderstanding and accelerating coup.

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Therefore, it has made commercial system to be of much privileges due to increased flexibility in the accounting sector in gathering of the assets required for preparation of balance sheet for traders all over the economic system as compared to government system which is operatory and centrally managed in terms of accounting hence government technical feasibility is fixed within a hierarchical system of accounts in which data is kept (Edwards, 2013, p. In conclusion, having commercial accounting act as a tool for measuring company profits, it has no relationship or linkage with the central government this is broadly supported and elaborated by looking at crucial differences of the latter (Commercial) and the former (Government) as critically discussed above but paying attention to Russia country where commercial accounting exist in both due to multiparty nation that is sovereign government and Community party.

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Argument behind accruals accounting being crucial element in assisting fiscal sustainability Accruals accounting is viewed as an essential element used to boost accountability and transparency for government, growth and development for increased efficiency. Therefore assets like current assets are used as injections to increase sustainability and growth in the economic fiscal sector for continuity. Seriousness should therefore be set on accounting responsibilities for the government in order to counteract with the crisis of debt issues and to increase efficiency in modernization and other practices articulated by management (Cohen et al. The accrual accounting system has also been used to set implementable actions to lower the amount of deficits and consumption. Without accrual accounting system, the amount of deficits will increase tremendously as well as consumption patterns therefore the system will help in incremental savings and outdo the inflicting deficits as seen from the economic sector.

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For instance, the use of profit and loss account can be used to calculate the gross profit and net savings to assist in planning purposes by both private and public economic system. In support of the system, reports from various financial edges is to create external environment within which accounting is truthfully granted as being deficiently serious. In addition, government’s failure to control its liquid position can result to democracy loss especially when there is no stability in financial body to control assets in and out to other persons hence become a predicament to the financial sector as well as individuals whose intention is to save capital for the sustainable well-being in the society and businesses, for instance, instability in Russian ruling have made improper management of cash flows hence rendering it ineffective (Cohen et al.

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Secondly, IFMS can be used in proper debt management so as to enhance equitability of existing assets and liability without having fewer for other exponential purposes and performance in the economy (Goddard & Mkasiwa, 2016, p. Management of treasury and accounting has been progressively been used to determine the profits and losses within an organization hence relations have been properly enhanced between the latter and the former for a stipulated period of time across all the continents except in Russia where politically unstable atmosphere rendered them exceptional to boost performance of the budgetary system so as to curtail inflicting financial manipulations and procedure of credit development across broad networks from the country to country. Relationship can also exist through leadership. Various sectors across the world like the COMESA have traded their goods through the value chain system.

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The data of products traded is organized within books of records that is the balance sheet of accounts from the accruals accounting. Therefore, through selling action and linkages more data will be kept in books of records for referencing and for better planning across globally to many organizations whose aim is to promote trade (Goddard & Mkasiwa, 2016, p. The use of comprehensive income statement to record such events has become a link to record each asset in the inventory system has brought about transparency to enhance forecasting of resources accelerated effectiveness in servicing, delivery and increasing production of eligible and accurate accounts resulting from external environment and internal environment globally hence through accuracy of data and results helps in budgeting and reforms for effectiveness across all sectors.

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