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Though Abigail’s marriage could not have happy, she may have been a source of happiness to his father. Her husband name, Nabal is a Hebrew word meaning Senseless or foolish. Abigail shows how people should use their wisdom and be determined to save good people from problems. Wisdom alone may not be able to save people from some situations. This paper discusses Abigail’s character traits, actions, attitudes, relationship and principles of truth. At that point, she races to bring a quiet end which, over the long haul, will convey an extraordinary advantage to her. This lesson additionally furnishes us with another are for thought. What ought to be our state of mind when disaster pushes itself upon us? It's true we have contrasting identities and passionate levels.

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In any case, each one of us should endeavor to be "quiet, cool, and collected. " This can be refined as we keep a tight rein on ourselves and enable the Holy Spirit to control us. At that point, David and his men could take all the required supplies. In this vindictive condition, Abigail meets David. It is intriguing how Scripture portrays the correct area of their meeting. The mountain gorge gives a thin place ensuring their meeting. Determined action (1 Samuel 25:2-6, 9-19) 2. One can just envision the effort to shear the sheep and after that administer to the fleece. Other than the work, the shearing time additionally turns into a period of merriment. Nabal, more than likely, doesn't invest his energy there amid the vast majority of the year.

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Since shearing would be comparative in significance to reap for a rancher, he is there for this noteworthy shearing occasion. The difference in character amongst Nabal and his partner, Abigail, are articulated. This implies David and his men did not just take animals for their own use like a few outlaws would have. It likewise could show their shielding the unarmed shepherds from forsaking looters. This will be confirmed later. It is proposed that Nabal should check the exactness of their announcements with his shepherds. Obviously, that would be not feasible with such a personality as his. Abigail was likewise courageous considering that her activities would be discovered by her husband, and afterward, she would face his rough temper. The following day, Abigail told Nabal everything that she had done.

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Gratefully, God saved her from Nabal's anger. Nabal instantly suffered a heart attack and ten days passed on later from heart failure. Abigail knew David but Nabal did not know. (Her child is called Daniel in 1 Chronicles 3:1. ) As we go through the character of Abigail we find that these 3 characters, Abigail, Nabal, and David teach us a perfect lesson to the individuals, church, and families facing the same disaster. In our life, we may face different Conflicts. We can see how with the skillful convenient mediation of Abigail this unavoidable circumstance was turned away, with no harm. All the more she could have David back to his senses when he says, "Favored are you and your God who has sent you to me right up 'til the present time.

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As reconcilers, we should do as Abigail guided by her principles. She moved in the Gap. (Vv. 26, 31): sometimes most of us remain in the gap without doing anything, yet Abigail stepped up with regards to turning away this volatile circumstance. She takes risk and moves to the front and takes all the heat. Gen. ) iv. Try not to let this imperfection your record. (Since God is alive, you are alive, and battling His fight isn't yours, in this way don't intrude with insignificant things; keep a bigger picture before you). She filled the Gap. She detected V. 33 "Blessed is your advice and blessed are you who kept me this day from coming to bloodshed. " c. She spared David from shedding blood Vv.

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34-35 "Held me once again from harming". Lowliness, respect, regard, and insight don't blend with severity and forgiveness. Abigail was thinking about her foes' great. Jesus stated, "Favor them that revile you, and petition God for them which despitefully utilize you" (Luke 6:28). Abigail knew David and his troops required nourishment — physical sustenance. She concentrated on their need, not their outrage and dangers. When you apply God-given wisdom then you will be compensated. Abigail was additionally honored. d. As a reconciler, pose correlated inquiries, do you see the master plan amid the time when your sentiments are harmed, and your feelings are incited? Dear Abigail, would you say you are advancing peace? Conclusion This concise look into the life of Abigail talks so loudly with regards to the effect a wise lady can have on the life of a man.

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