Religion in the Modern World and the Gender and Sexuality Issues

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The aim of this essay is to explore the role of religion in the issues of gender and sexuality and identify different positions taken by the religion and influential religious leaders pertaining to the assisted reproductive technologies. In the religion of the modern society, the issue of gender and sexuality is given a special consideration in the society. Sexuality is considered sacred as explained in the creation stories when God created the woman to be a companion and to submit to the man. Man and woman were ordered to go and reproduce offspring in order to multiply and have generations. More so, a woman was created after the man had already been made so as to give him the company. People have different views pertaining to assisted reproductive technology in the society and its influence on the reproductive health of both male and women.

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The religious groups have been active in public matters regarding the assisted technologies. The issues of infertility in Christianity especially the Old Testament is very argumentive. For instance, the attitude of the Jews on procreation is based on the creation stories (Schenker, 310). The theories are derived from the first commandment in which God communicated to Adam to go and multiply and be fruitful in the world. The teachings of these religions are very strict and authoritative. The technology is believed to come with some health-related problems which form the basis for the arguments. God is believed to be the sole creator of life and no one is supposed to assist in reproduction. Therefore, their perspective on assisted reproduction is solely based on the biblical concept and no man is supposed to argue or contradict what was originally made and put there initially by God.

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More so different sectarian groups in the society have majorly taken opposing positions in regard to the appropriateness of the assisted reproductive technology. For instance, they criticize the big charges and fees paid to the surrogates and to those who donate sperms (David K. Gardner, 394). The aspect of reproduction in this scenario seems to have been taken to the market as a commodity for purchase rather than being a thing that is solely encouraged by love. Other people comment on the technology of artificial reproduction as a bad idea as they fail to differentiate surrogate women to the practice of selling babies based on the fact that all those aspects involve the charge and application of fee. A great concern is also paid to women particularly concerning their stand and perception of the artificial reproduction technology.

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The religious perspectives pertaining to the technology of artificial reproduction is varied among different religious groups of people. Extremely, the Catholic Faith has firmly opposed all the aspects of technology basing on the belief that reproduction must always remain as a result of sexual intimacy and affair in a marital relationship. The church has particularly paid a great concern to the artificial reproduction which results in multiple embryos and some of them end up being destroyed. The embryo is equivalent to the child which life hence the destruction of multiple embryos means destroying life. Conclusion Religion in the modern society has focused on different issues eg on gender and sexuality particularly when focusing on artificial reproduction technology. Back to Truth, 2014. Libraries, Sharma and.

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