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The individuals who viewed him as the Messiah trusted that he would soon initiate another kingdom; every one of that was important to think about him could be recalled until that time. They were, obviously, painfully disillusioned when he was executed on the cross, for it appeared as if his motivation and teaching to the people on earth were lost. Subsequently, they were persuaded that regardless of his demise, he truly was the Messiah. With this acknowledgement on their part, there was currently another purpose behind recalling the occasions of his natural life. What he had done before his demise went up against another significance to what occurred since that time. Researchers allude to this other source with the letter Q (Mark), the first letter of the German word Quelle, which in English means source.

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Since there is some extraordinary material in Matthew, conceivably its creator utilised still another source M, which was not utilized as a part of any of other Gospels. Similar remains constant for the Gospel of Luke and researchers utilize the letter L to allude to his extraordinary source. As a result of the categorization, the Synoptic Gospels have been categorized into three the "Triple Tradition," "Double Tradition" and "single tradition. " Single Tradition Single tradition is also known as independent tradition; it refers to materials which are unique in each gospel, thus not dependent from the influence from another gospel writer, in that the gospel message is only found in Matthew, Mark or Luke, it cannot be encountered in either of the books apart from the book in which it has been found.

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Luke The unique verses only found in Mark and not in the other books include the following Luke chapter 4, verse 17-21 claiming of the fulfilment of Isaiah's prophecy Jesus went to Synagogue in Jerusalem where He was raised, inside the Synagogue He was given Prophet Isaiah's book and when He opened the book, He found where it was written as follows, "The spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recover the sight of the blind and to offer liberation to the oppressed and to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. " After finishing the reading, He then closed the book and gave it back, and He went back to His sit.

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All of the eyes of the people who had attended prayers in the Synagogue were fixed on Him, and He told them that that particular day, the scripture had been fulfilled in their hearing. Luke chapter 9, verse 51-56 Rejection by Samaritans The chapter and verse talks about the time in which Jesus felt like it was His time to be received up thus he set his face to travel to Jerusalem, He thus sent ahead his messengers before His face; the messengers went to Samaritan village to prepare for Him, but then the Samaritans did not receive Him this is because His face was set to Jerusalem. When His disciples James and John saw what was happening they asked Jesus whether should command fire to descend from heaven so to consume the Samaritans the same way Elijah did but then Jesus rebuked them that they did not know the manner of spirit they were of, He further told them that the son of Man did not come to destroy the lives of people but to save them, they then moved to another village.

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