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The inclusion of real life physical environments may also bring around actual smells or sounds which make the viewer’s environment to be more real. The technologies in virtual realities have come a long way and are most likely to be better in the near future. They have been in constant development in aspects such as how they operate and their efficiency. The development of virtual reality technologies started in the 1990s after the common virtual reality modelling language was introduced with an intention to develop virtual spaces without the use if headsets. Later, Web 3D was founded to come up with standards for the development of we based graphics using the three dimensional technology. In essence, some of the technologies used in the modern Virtual reality kits have gyroscopes which are integrated with motion sensors.

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These are specifically used to track the movement of the head, hand and the bodies of virtual reality kits users. They also use smaller screens with high quality display abilities to enable stereoscopic displays. Such features are best found in the modern smartphone. In addition to this technology, there have to be small processors which are both light and fast. This technology makes measuring distances from photographs possible. Through this technology, high resolution images are combined to create detailed 3D environmental simulations and objects in virtual reality applications. Through the use of these technologies, the advancement of virtual reality has been made possible. Apparently the research on better technologies is ever growing as companies seek to develop cheaper virtual reality kits which deliver the same experience as their costly counterparts.

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The chase after these technologies have attracted companies such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft and they are expected to continue. It therefore becomes a fundamental technology for the success of modern space exploration missions and training military personnel before they are released into the real environment. Lastly, the use of virtual reality goes beyond the bigger industrial complexes such as hospitals and space companies to the grass root training institutions. First, it can be used by driving colleges to simulate roads and driving rules. This allow the trainees to have firsthand experience before they actually get on the road hence reducing possible casualties and streamlining the training process. Through these opportunities, there remains a wide spectrum of events in which virtual reality can be used.

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Although there are these future development possibilities, and Virtual Reality technology has many advantages, there are various disadvantages which have been singled out by various individuals. To begin with, the virtual reality kits are rumored to pose a threat to user’s health due to their proximity to the brain. However, although these demerits may face the technology, with more research, it will be better. In conclusion, Virtual Reality technology has come a long way, utilizing smart phone technology and optical variations to bring better experiences. It has been used in various industries and more research is being done to create better uses and although there are negative implications of its widespread use, it can be made better for all through continued research which is being spearheaded by major tech companies as expounded above.

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