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Accounting is one of the degrees which open the door for many business opportunities because no business can succeed without the services of an accountant. For example, you can become a partner in a particular accounting firm or become a good entrepreneur. One of the reasons why I chose to account degree and mostly auditing is the fact that accounting is one way or the other the essential tool and language of business. Accounting mainly aims at establishing how a company is doing both in the long run and in the short term. In the last twenty years accounting has witnessed various changes. Another critical element of accounting career is that it has many fields. For example, Auditing falls under public accounting that deals with tax, auditing, consulting services to both individuals and businesses.

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Some accountants can decide to specialize in more than one fields like forensic accounting that is usually involved in investigating any form of fraud and environmental accounting which is engaged in studying environmental impacts that may occur to a business like ecological disasters and that might in one way or the other result in financial damage. Moreover, accounting is one of the careers that are very dynamic in nature, and that is why an accountant should always be updated on any changes that might occur in this field. Lastly, accounting is highly rewarding because an accountant is entitled to good pay and various allowances like transport allowance. They also maintain and organize all the financial records. It is also the responsibility of the accountants to maintain customers' confidence by keeping all the related financial records confidential.

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Moreover, it is the responsibility of the accountants to ensure there is financial security by adhering to the internal controls. Lastly, they are involved in interpreting any accounting policy as well as regulations (Landgraf & Jinkerson, 2012). An accountant can work both in private and public sectors. For example, it includes a long process of learning, and an individual is required to do professional exams to become "Certified Public Accountant". Also, the education does not end after attaining a degree because a person is needed to learn more to achieve a higher position. Besides, this profession is sometimes stressful and boring because it involves a lot of calculations and in most cases accountants work for more than 12hours every day. During the busy seasons, accountants are usually engaged in a lot of work because they must meet the set deadline.

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They consume a lot of their time during this period at work. The number of hours worked by an accountant is usually determined by various factors like the size of the organization as well as the field of working as accountants have multiple roles. In most cases, accountants work from 9-5 which runs from Monday to Friday. On average it has been established that most of the accountants work below the average number of hours that stand at 44. This is due to the fact they work for 44 hours. Despite the long hours, accounting is a good paying career. In this regard, companies cannot do without the services of an Accountancy because they can end up committing considerable mistakes in the long run.

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This is a clear indication that I will not be in a position to lose a job in future, unlike other professions. Another reason for choosing Accountancy is the fact that I will be in a position to meet smart and highly qualified professionals who will help me in developing my career. Also, it offers a competitive salary which varies slightly from one company to another. Moreover, Accountancy provides an excellent platform for career progression because career firms usually have different classes of accountants like a manager is distinguished from a trainee by their experience and skills. Another essential skill that I possess is leadership and communication skills. Accounting requires one to have strong and excellent communication skills both in person and in writing because you will work with different clients.

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