Addressing Ethical Issues in the Company

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In dealing with problems that present danger and illegality aspects, cautious strategies are put in place. Addressing the ethical dilemmas in an organization assists in making sure that both the employees and the management can have a right working environment. Through this, the performance of the company tends to improve. The code of conduct of the organization determines the type of policy that the company is in place. The performance management of the daily operations guide the integration of accountability and therefore encouraging the employees to work harder to achieve the set objectives. The employees should ensure that they put the policy to work by providing that they are friendly with one another to increase the chances of success. Equal opportunity helps to address the issue of discrimination, and the companies that do not articulate the policy should face the appropriate legal actions.

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The equal opportunity policy will provide better working conditions and at the same time allow organizations to perform better. Implementation of the system requires that the management provide the necessary guidelines that aim at assisting the employees to adopt to the change. An example is whereby a man gets paid more than a lady with the same qualifications for CEO of financial companies. The virtue approach establishes the various ways that an individual strives to commit the right actions. In implementing the policy, the goal of ensuring the accountability of every employee is achieved. Therefore, involved individuals have to strive to provide that equal opportunities are available to maintain the integrity of the organization. The other approach is the standard right approach that operates under the assumption that individuals have unique links to the community (Bush et al.

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It provides a guideline through which the management must ensure that all the necessary social requirements are in place to promote the success of the organization. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining good relationships at work to serve a better purpose. Communication strategies are crucial for ensuring that organizations get to function more appropriately at all times. However, the aspect faces specific challenges that make the process complicated and thus slowing down the performance in general. In such instances, the incorporation of communication strategies assists in making sure that the organization receives solid results along the way (Ford & Richardson, 2013). The integration of an open communication strategy allows all the members of the group to exercise the freedom of providing the necessary feedback.

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Therefore, the necessary preparations should be put in place to smoothen the matter. Implementing the policy does not guarantee that there will be progress registered, but instead, it is an indication that the management is willing to take a notch higher in providing better opportunities for the workers. Therefore, to monitor progress and compliance, provision of random tests is necessary. The tests aim at ensuring that everyone gets a fair representation of the opportunities available (Ferrell & Fraedrich, 2015). Monitoring the compliance of the strategy also requires the establishment of the ethical matter and following the code of conduct of the company. C. , & Fraedrich, J.  Business ethics: Ethical decision making & cases. Nelson Education. Ford, R. A. M. , & Mokhber, M. The Impact of Ethical Decision Making in the Individual and Organizational Context.

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