Why Is Cross Cultural Communication a Business Issue

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Once one is exposed outside their community, we realize that there are so many communication types and languages which are very different from what we know. To interact with the rest of the world outside one’s community, we, therefore, have to fight hard and understand every group's communication style or in other words; we have to adapt to a way of interacting with other people from different cultures, which means we have to be cultural diversified. With the increased number of business opportunities past country wide borders, many corporations decide to expand their business activities abroad frequently without acknowledging that the capacity monetary prosperity may additionally change into a more serious scenario because of the consequences of cross-cultural conversation with enterprise partners who do not belong to the same culture.

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As a result, the difference in culture may lead to little profit and sometimes can cause a loss of business depending on the type of business one is undertaking. Why is CCC an ethics issue? How would an understanding of ethics assist a professional to communicate effectively with people from other cultures? Ethics in business refers to rules, laws, and guidance that are used by a business for the business to gain acceptance by the public or the consumers. The ethics involve the use of a common language that is known to all, and therefore there will be no problems communicating with people from diverse culture. Also the use of common behaviors and even setting up of laws that govern all within the business without being selective of the different cultures.

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What do you think the author meant by “Recent economic challenges further highlight the need for organizations to develop the internal communication capacity necessary to control and monitor external threats’? In this phrase, the author is talking about those organizations that give their services to the global and suggest that they should be keen on how they communicate to the customers and also the employees within the organisation. Many customers all around the world will be connected to the organisation due to effective communication. The organisation, therefore, they should understand the fact that, different people around the world come from different cultures, with different behaviors and beliefs and therefore it’s upon the organization to employ qualified employees with great capabilities to approach and communicate with this people.

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Many individuals may think that they are the most important aspect of a company and that a company cannot do without them and therefore they would rather witness the company go into bankruptcy or fall rather than quit. Therefore, it would be advisable for every individual to work hard for the good outcome of the organization they are working for. They should work hard to make the company a better place to be and leave it better than they found it. I would also side with the author that it would be better if emphasis were to be made on focusing on individual differences and therefore deal with the person individually. In this way, the organization may get to know some other weaknesses of the individuals apart from their differences and act accordingly.

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Cross-cultural communication would also help in the expansion of an organization. This can be as a result of having different perspectives from the different individuals in different cultures. When people from different cultures meet in the same organisations, they will all come with different ideas of doing things within the organization. This diversity will provide a wide variety of solutions to a given problem, and as a result, the company can choose the best solution within the available solutions (Cox, T. H. Compare and contrast the communication styles of your home country and Australia. How do they differ? Are there similarities? In Australia quietness can be understood as a way of being nervous or can be associated with lack of knowledge (Pyke, L.

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M. Whereas here we can relate to silence as lack of know-how but not shyness. One might not be shy but know nothing, and therefore they are left with no option than to stay silent. Therefore as I said earlier, it would always be advisable to approach different people from different cultures individually rather than the whole group. Approaching people as a culture has got its disadvantages, for example, you might approach a person despite knowing their culture you find that they don’t follow the culture yet you trying to approach them through it and therefore this may cause conflicts. This may cause negative effects while communicating with different people from different cultures. Give examples of how Australians stereotype people from your country, and how people from your country stereotype Australians.

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