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The organization has employees in human resource, telecommuting, sales and part-time positions. This paper seeks to establish how the different types of teams in this organization have built into a cohesive team that makes Houghton Mifflin Harcourt operational. In this essay, the paper delves deeply into the human resource team, sales and marketing team and the administration team. Summarize the Purpose, Goals, and Objectives of Each of the Three Teams Each team plays a different but important role in attaining the goals, purpose, and objectives of the organization at different stages. Therefore, it is prudent for each team to have its internal goals, objectives as well as purpose. The main goal of the sales team at HMH is to increase the volume of copies of books and publications sold nationwide.

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Additionally, there is need to diversify the areas and topics on which content is developed about. The sales team objective is to increase its number of returning clients. This is mainly because these types of customers can be the most profitable. Lastly, the administration functions to oversee the major decision making for the organization. In this team, there are multiple function teams which are combined to operate as a unit. The cross-functional teams entail experts from other functional teams such as the quality control and assurance, cooperating and working together to achieve a certain organizational objective. It is worth noting that the members of the sales team are at times authorized to make certain decisions since they are highly regarded as experts in their respective functional areas.

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Lastly, the administration team at HMH can be regarded as a virtual team. This is attributed to the fact that most of the top managers at the organization communicate digitally via technology as opposed to being in a closed boardroom. However, at some point, the managers come together to work interdependently to find solutions to specific problems. The managers also seemed to be highly task and people-oriented thus implying the administration team is currently in the performing stage. Examine the Dynamics of Each Team and How Any Interpersonal Issues within the Team Are Resolved The sales and marketing team is made up of a blend of young and ambitious employees, both male and female who are new to the job thus reducing the chances of conflict arising.

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Conflicts in this team arise most commonly when the organization is recruiting and staffing since there is a heavy workload but are settled through the supervisor or the sales manager (Sahu, 2010). As for the administration team, the members are senior employees in the organization who are older. Similarly, the administration team has been very instrumental in making decisions to expand the organization’s branches and diversify the types of publications thus increasing the overall productivity of the organization. Compare the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards for Each Team The intrinsic rewards refer to the feelings of acknowledgment, importance, and sense of satisfaction, belonging or achievement that an employee needs to experience thus influencing them to do good deeds. On the other hand, an extrinsic reward is one that is physically tangible and comes from the external for instance, from a supervisor or a manager.

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