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Alcohol seems to have significance and have a firm footing in almost all occasion. Alcohol appears to come handy and resourceful and has been used to indicate the social status as well as the relationship shared by the drinkers. The intricate relationship of drinking has been noted to be common among males and which has had a substantial role in defining masculinity. This has been fostered by the cultural symbol and affirmation that consumption of alcohol defines masculinity and is the norm for males. The Budlight ad highlights the significance of alcohol in defining an occasion as well as fostering friendship and defining masculinity. Conforming to related masculine standards tend to increase the risk or may protect against the negative with alcoholism.

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A study done on Russian male drinking cultures explains that massive drinking behaviors associate with workmates unavoidable bonding (Keenan et al 57). Age peer pressure, especially for those nearing the period that demands financial independence, tends to seek solace in alcoholism to relieve the stresses associated with that period. Assertions that the workplace was the destination for men have received a shift in the recent past. These have reduced the usual drinking norms because males have started adopting more mannered behaviors in maintaining families. The ad setting is in the western world, stereotyped to be mostly liberals owing to how young the gentlemen who engage in alcohol are featured in the ad. The ad shows the bonding power in friendships fostered through taking a beer together.

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The branding itself alludes to the word "buddy" which means friendship. The force of alcohol in bringing people together serves as the primary theme in the ad, illuminating and pushing forward attitudes and norms that bring people together. In most scenes, alcohol is enjoyed by at least two people and an expression of happiness and a sense of contentment is seen through the faces of the cast. These factors have an interplay and influence aptitudes and occasions that bring about alcoholism. Occasions are defined by social gatherings as well as events that bring about the need or urge to consume alcoholic beverages. The ad provided provides leisure time as an avenue that allows people to engage in consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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Friends are seen to share tough and good times also in taverns and eateries by incorporating a mug of Keg or beer. Occasions necessarily depict a scenario that brings people together from different walks of life but have a common interest. These perspectives have yielded numerous critic on the male gender on issues to do with drug abuse as a whole and not alcohol use only. Masculinity is defined and contextualized on the “okay” attitude of men engaging in alcohol use compared to their female counterparts. Recent observations and societal changes will otherwise lean on equality since the female gender has adopted more liberal approaches in lifestyles, which has seen a significant rise in the number of alcohol consumers by the females.

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