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As outlined in the Martin Luther King Jr speech every individual has a role to play in building the country. To realize the dream as a nation, the government should create an enabling environment for everyone to thrive (King, Martin Luther,1985). This paper will talk about the American dream. as defined by different people in the country. Discussion As explained by James Truslow Adams “American dream” living conditions should be favorable to everyone. This lead to the creation of a small school in 1865 which later rose to become Bowie university. In her speech, she encourages the students to have the quest for education as it is through it that their life will transform. According to Frederick Douglass said that…. “education uplift man’s soul to the glorious light of truth”.

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Education regulates the size of income, the advancement e in education level has resulted in income increase, the production which has improved peoples living standard. Racism is a vice to be dealt with if America is to move forward. Martin Luther King has a dream that one day the country will stop discriminating between the races. People are denied access to some facility depending on their skin. According to Martin King, Alabama is vicious racist where black and white kids cannot play together as brothers and sisters as they are rooted in this vice of color discrimination. To transform the nation, they should be able to work together as they fight for freedom of all people regardless of the skin color.

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Brandon Say that America attracts a lot of attention from other countries in the world due its progress in development, but the Americans themselves are not proud of their country. Many citizens are out of work resulting in the significant deficit in terms trading income. Greed and corruption have considerably affected the country. This has made it to continue losing its superpower command among the developed nations. Effect of this is that other countries like China and idea have overtaken America regarding infrastructure and technology. This shuttle the dream of citizen whose rights are denied, and they feel like they are not American. Justice was to be given to all negro who has been confined for a long time. According to Emancipation proclamation signed, millions of negro slaves were to be freed and given right treatment.

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Later the negro was abandoned and lived a lonely life in seas where they were languishing in poverty. This shutter their dream as people who has a role to see to it that the nation develops through their hard work. Newspaper editor stated that…” vast recession didn’t destroy American goals and dreams,” but it made promises of a quality life after hard struggle and honesty among all the middle class in America. There are economic challenges that have faced the country in the past putting their dream to the test. This was through terrorist attack claiming innocent lives (Brandon, 2011). The country has adopted many vales in their dream to help in the overcoming of these any challenges arising. The government was able to put in place many mechanisms to overcome threats of terrorist by forming different disaster management to reduce the causalities.

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