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Even though machine makes work more comfortable, the exploitation of majority who are perceived as the objects of creation is the principle that governs capitalism. The view that capitalism contributes to cultural erosion is provided by the fact that capitalism is taken as a proxy for modernization. The relationship between the capitalism and culture is two-way traffic in which the pros and cons are considered and the impacts they have ion a traditional values and norms (Scriver).   Mildred Pierce Movie Review Mildred Pierce is a 1945 classic movie produced after the post-war and consists of an elemental mixture of women soap-opera in which the principal character is a hard-working woman committed to attaining the high-class status in the society. Even though the film depicts the effects of capitalism on culture, there is always a need to have a source of income and become independent in the daily life.

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On the flip side, capitalism has contributed to wealth creation and reduction in poverty levels within the society. Employments have been created hence employees have ensured that their living standards can be elevated. For example, capitalism is critical in economic development and growth of a nation if it is pursued in the right direction. An analysis of the contribution of capitalism to the society shows that most developed countries have invested in technological advancement, innovation, and invention which results in industrialization. Even though culture has succeeded in ensuring immoral behaviors are restricted, capitalism has guaranteed that a proper mechanism that deals with such problems have been adhered to hence the creation of business ethics which guides individual behavior in a business environment thus its contribution to the restoration of the penal code of conduct of business (Curtiz) Imitations of life film criticism The 1947 film provides impacts of capitalism on culture since a movie star, Lorna Meredith, is obsessed social status and wealth creation to the point that she neglects her family and she is even ready to divorce her man in the name of concentrating on her career.

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Since capitalism has both its cons and pros, about culture, the best way of approaching it is by not allowing oneself to be deeply engulfed in wealth creation to the point of forgetting the moral and ethical behaviors in the society. Assumptions • The assumption is that the capitalism which is a social system has survived more than human history. • Wealth obedience is the only solution that is recommended for the attainment of equality. • The minority class strives to amass the surplus gains that they earn from the sacrifice of the object of production In the previous society, the ruling class utilized the wealth they acquired from people in luxurious consumption and waging war against each other as the use of any available surplus in boosting production was sporadic.

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The period was coupled with slow economic growth while capitalism of the current society is motivated by the economic growth and the actual competition among themselves. Therefore, culture is composed of the various people who are confirmed to the set of rules, and their actions are in order with survival in a society of capitalists. Society and culture rest upon business activity in cases where capitalism is involved. Hence the ability of an individual to incorporate all the processes required in the establishment of business activity must be put in place to enhance. The profound effects of capitalism on culture are very detrimental, and thought of capitalism being natural markets should not be encouraged. In other words, capitalism has side effects on learning although it has not contributed to the destruction of the culture.

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Southern Pacific Railroad Company). Since capitalism has both positive and negative effects on traditions of a culture, the market products that translates to consumerism. The economy contributes to the diffusion of the idea of capitalism and the social change in a community that is capital oriented. The complexity in the relationship between culture and capitalism depends on the competitive characteristic and has contributed to the liberty and reduction of poverty. Capitalism is economically viewed as a social organization with regards to Marxian theory. The driving force of capitalism is the urge to accumulate the surplus for purposes of economic development which is in any case, was not the concern of the traditional society. The negative contribution of capitalism to the community is tied with the notion that capitalism is the same as modernity due to the production means which has taken the technological lines in the society.

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