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In his article, Mr. Groopman tries to establish the effects of inflammation or inflammatory and anti-inflammatory in the debate of latest cure. Through the use of several scientist works, Mr. Groopman classifies the goodness and badness of inflammation to the body of a person and in response to infections. The article, “Anti-inflammatory Agents in the Treatment of Diabetes and its Vascular Complications” is drafted by Pollack, Rena M. Marc Y. Donath, Derek LeRoith, and Gil Leibowitz. The article is relative to Groopman’s article on the issue of inflammation. The article tries to find out the usage of the anti-inflammatory agents towards fighting and contributing to treatment of diabetes and vascular complications. The two articles have fostered forth the contribution of inflammation on the bad side as well as on the good side on the health of an individual and especially on the diabetes side of infection. Inflammation is the development that arises when the body cells try to fight and defend the body from invasion by the microbes or even to heal the damaged body tissue. It is a form of a reaction that occurs when the body cells tries to defend the body through its immune system from attacks. The swelling in of the regions that blood has flowed from and inserted pressure to the nerves around the area causes one to feel the pain and it is this pain that is referred to as the inflammation. Looking at the two articles, the authors have tried to bring out the best in the inflammation topic on different ways as discussed in the paper.

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Inflamed: The Debate over the latest cure-all craze Summary According to the author, the macrophage cell has been studied to establish its relevance in the human body. However, the concentration has been how good or bad inflammation is for human being and has resulted to concentration by the modern medical investigations. The revelation on factual grounds has been that inflammation contributes greatly to certain health conditions such as the atherosclerosis. Another research by Paul Ridker established that inflammation produced a c-reactive protein that facilitated the occurrence of heart attacks. The provision here happens in the cardiovascular diseases that had its treatment arising from the anti-inflammatory agents within the body. According to the article, Type II diabetes is another chronic disease that can arise as a result of inflammation. One cannot depend on his or her own ideas to provide substantive and factual information that is inclusive.

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It is upon depending on various research that are authentic and well researched to provide for better realization of one’s objectives. In the article, the author exemplary articulates well and indicates the reliance to several researcher’s work in elaborating his research on the issue of inflammation. On this the author took to give his data a reliable and factual ground for the people with his acknowledgement. The reliability of any information is important especially when communicating to outside audience or group. al. there is a deep association the hyperglycemia and inflammation that has resulted to establishment of the vascular compliance in diabetes. The continued spread of diabetes has been attributed to the inflammation effects through the vascular complications and cell dysfunctional. The treatment has appeared more complicated than thought of.

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However, the emergence of anti-inflammatory drugs has given the effect towards the anti-diabetes drugs rendering to the mitigation of the diabetes infections. To be able to get the attention of the reader as well communicate the information well, one ought to have done sufficient research. Looking into the aspects of the article, it brings to the attention that the explanation of the information has taken the best gesture in informing the group. The author through the use of various research materials has been able to link the three issue or constituents that seem to encompass the diabetes disease. From using research material from other authors down to the conducted research on different available treatment methods, the author has been able to align the information in a well-informed manner and sufficient to keep the people’s minds on the subject.

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The whole aspect of intensive research has given a wide scope of incorporated research under which a basis is laid to substantiate the data or information for that matter. Supportive fallacies apply to give an ascertained relevance towards the communication fostered forth. The article has also inducted a good job towards referencing and supportive the ideas generated in concern with the subject. The outlining of the various treatment methodologies available as well as the types of drugs or agents surrounding the issue helps in offering support. The given gesture of having evidence-based information within the article such as the types of drugs for anti-inflammatory treatment is necessary to ensure that the data is substantiated and applicable in the real life situation. Even though the authors have no practical surveys on face to face or surveys, the relied examples have a great impact towards establishing the correctness of the information.

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The New Yorker. Retrieved from http://www. newyorker. com/magazine/2015/11/30/inflamed Pollack, Rena M. et al.

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