Translation and the Literary Imagination

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While the Magistrate feels it is the right of the Indigenous Barbarians to be treated well, the authority has a different approach that even renders to his torture for ‘sleeping’ with the enemy. The explanation of the story leaves the people with pain and translated into another character without paying attention to really establishing the importance of this imperialism. Translation is a major gear throughout the paper given its relation with pain as well as it role in the whole coverage of the novel as discussed in the paper. Relationship between translation and pain Translation is the aspect of having to change one thing into a form of another thing and especially in matters of language. Translation is the entire reflection of the novel narration and given its encompass of changing certain procedures within the novel. Pain on its part is the hurtful feeling or expression that someone feels due to a negative aspect or torture. Translation and pain are relative to each other in the novel and apply different forms in this relationship Translation generated pain as things tried to change from one form to the other: The indication by the realization of changing times as explained in the novel shows that pain comes alongside. In the novel, Magistrates and other people especially the indigenous Barbarians enjoyed a calm and peaceful coexistence until the introduction of the state of emergency and the introduction of the Third Bureau and Special Forces. On this front, and the reason for the translation of the situation was from the thinking of Joll and his Third Bureau that the Barbarians had intended to conduct a raid or an ambush in their territory.

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What followed this initiative saw the capture, torture and death of some of the Barbarians as well as the Magistrate who was thought to also coordinate with the ‘enemy’ during such times. Pain is truth The statement was made by Colonel Jollto the Magistrate and seems to contain relevance in the novel narration. The statement was expressed at a time when Colonel Joll during the state of emergency tried to explain to the Magistrate about the evil plans that Barbarians had even though the Magistrate disputed such advances. The meaning of the statement was provided to give power to the Third Bureau and the Special Forces in protecting the town away from the Barbarians even though it was just a premature accusation. It helped silence the Magistrate in a way that the Barbarians were not the people he thought they were and they were capable of overthrowing the authority.

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The Authority carried raid on Barbarians as well as took in the Magistrate and tortured him to ascertain the truth that indeed the Barbarians wanted to overthrow the authority. Now that it’s time for repaying the bad deed, colonel Joll and his officers are on the painful run from their town as the truth was revealing itself and they did not want the consequences of truth to befall them while in town. In this manner the pain that they were undergoing was to run away with fear of being caught up with themselvesand now they were running away from their own territory leaving it for the indigenous people who had done nothing wrong. They were up to task and the truth was revealing itself. Role of translation in the narrative Connecting the two storyline: The narration here uses two different settings or phases that which revolve around each other.

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The magistrate who exists as a link between the two sides even though never much appreciated, he displays to translate and define the objectives of the authority side as well as the side of Barbarians. Before the arrival ofthe colonizers, the people lived harmoniously with each other and this is what has been translated in the way the state of emergency is declared. The narrative or paradigm is translatable within these dimensions and happens to be a reflection of certain events both in the past and in the current world that we are living in. It can be given direct translation to what we experience within our times. Framework Translation is something that has served great purpose in the understanding of different and hidden meanings in concern with the realization by the target group.

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According to Basnett, the realization of translation has brought a significant progress so far and I concur with that gesture give the different languages and themes that seem to encompass people’s lives.

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