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There were the Continental Army, Continental Army, and the continental Marines whom have changed today to be the Army Marines, Navy and the Air force that are in the different department of defense1. For this paper, we will see how American warfare has changed over time to the current modern experience. To do this, we will see the colonial wars, the American civil wars to the modernization of warfare, world war II to the war on terrorism as it currently works. Military history The history of the united states army mainly depends on the mainstream of the modern western military development. During those times, American faced an enormous challenge in their national security a role that was played by the military institution.

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In case of any military operations, the military relied on the British army for any severe military support they would require. In case of operation outside their locality, the militias would ask for volunteers to join them for the fight. They were known as beginners. The warfare was mainly a monopoly for the ruling class whom would afford a horse to ride on and had armor. In the sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries countries in western Europe had now a profound capability of having a military. During this time America was considered as a minor military having created a modest army, marine, and army. At this time, the soldiers only had Calvary and artillery which were used for both attacking and defense.

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The weapon used in this time was the flintlock musket having a bayonet but the mostly used to be the Brown Bess that belonged to the British. Modernization of the army Just after the Philippine -American war, the war between the Philippines and the American the United States was defeated in the battle of marine. More than 100,000 soldiers were defeated due to the use of poorly armed rebels that joined the war. This was much pushed by a New York lawyer, Elihu Root that was appointed the secretary of war9. Through him, a significant change was able to come into effect. World War I & II The United States was seen as an “Associated power" siding with Britain, France, Russia, and Italy.

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It was estimated that the army was about 200,00 soldiers10. It was using this period that George Marshall joined the military as an Army chief of staff. While at war many people paid the ultimate price where nine million soldiers and millions of civilians paid the final price through epidemics and starvation. Compared to other countries, USA suffered a great lose including the death of Quentin Roosevelt, a son of the former president Theodore Roosevelt who was shot by the France militants12. After this, President Roosevelt decided to come up with change both economically and socially that came up as a result of the late nineteenth century. As a result of these changes, many of the people both at home and abroad affected the establishment of the military despite the United States not participating in many wars.

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Fully transformation In 1902, the united states saw its army fully transformed which changed everything in the Army13. They are even using the civilian and their infrastructure to target and kill the enemies. In any war, they have two theories in defeating the enemy. One is targeting the civilians which they believe will lead to the manufacturing sector not functioning while the second theory is killing civilians so that the enemy is demoralized. There have been different methods of warfare that have been used by the American military. Aerial is one of the methods used where the military aircraft and other flying machines use aerial warfare to attach the enemy locations. It started to be used in 1989. Currently, it's used where a nation has lost their monopoly on the combat forces.

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Mainly, these methods have been used in areas where terrorists are involved, and the issues have been there for long and complex 17. Through this, they are able to attack the culture of the enemy directly. It is highly sophisticated warfare used especially through propaganda where the internet and the media issued to spread the information. Currently, the country is engaged in seven countries fighting terrorisms. This is an achievement compared to how they used to ask for assistance from Britain during the early years before even being colonized. Compared to other nations United States had the weakest army but the narrative has been changed especially on the military warfare tactics. The tactics have changed for the use of volunteers to currently where there is intense training to the soldiers.

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