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The purpose of this paper is to reports some of the common things and components of an article on nursing and the core tools that are incorporated into the research. In this essay, I will explain some core principles that are comprised in this essay through reconstructing some key methodologies that the author of the article applies in concluding the study. In this study under analysis, the author of incorporated some standard methods that attempt at explaining the core objectives of the research. In this study that was conducted between March to June 2014, there are some core methods applied in the quest to find the best information touching on the topic under discussion. One of the core methods that the author have used in the quest to find the best answer to the question under criticism.

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This is, therefore, one of the best methods that can be used in the determination and development of the best initiatives that need to be included in the study. Knowledge of the already collected data and save on the medical records provide some necessary information that will help in the recreation of the objective of the study. This, therefore, as the method applied in this case will significantly aid in the determination and arriving with ease at a conclusion that is worth implementing in real life situation (Jacobson, 2016). In the article, the research aimed at explaining and determining what the best health status that the people of the United States ought to include in their system. The report confirms that indeed research is the best avenues that can provide the relevant information on what ought to be included in the health system of the people.

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In this way, the findings of the research will be very applicable to developing changes (Guest & Namey, 2015). This research information that the article propagates ate very important in the development of any nursing article. It provides the relevant information that ought to be included in any research paper to help foster the spirit of research in the nursing field. The methodology applied to the article is also paramount in explaining the individual role literature reviews can form in establishing the basis of dealing with some health-related issues in the society. In this way, one can be able to find and develop the coherent health-related health research skills with ease. Panama Salud Publica 37(3). Guest, G. , Namey, E. Public Health Research Methods. SAGE Books Jacobson, K.

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