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The International Organisation conducted a study with a focus on the Asian communities in regards to their social norms and way of their life. For social norms to be carried on form one generation to another they are communicated. With time social norms gain traction and power or fizzle out. Social media can be a contributor either to the former or latter and the authors seek to research on how social norms are spread. The article is useful to the study as it compares to how social media comes in as a huge influence to the spread and carrying on of social norms in societies. This journal article was written after an investigation and study of how alcohol use and its display on social media, influenced its consumption.

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With a focus on Facebook. The study was particularly focused on the younger generation who are still adapting and grasping how to conduct themselves socially. This article will be useful in this study since discussion on alcohol is a huge player in determining a person’s way of life. The study will also be enriched with real data conducted from the case studies in the journal. The article is quite useful to this study as gender matters are always discussed as part of social norms and how they have been affected by the use of social media. Ngai, Eric, Spencer Tao and Karen Moon. "Social Media Research: Theories, Constructs, and Conceptual Frameworks. " International Journal of Information Management 35. The power and influence of social media cannot be revoked or denied, it is evident in the everyday life of human beings and more so in the change of their social and cultural norms.

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Social norms are acquired and learnt as an individual grows up and are learnt from a tender age. Social media now has been become a major influence even to young children who are growing up as their conduct is influenced by the kind of experience they get from use of social media. The article is substantial for the research as it shows how our social norms are newly influenced heavily by social media unlike in previous years. Seidman, Gwendolyn. "Self-presentation and Belonging on Facebook: How Personality Influences Social Media Use and Motivations. Social media is now a definitive way pf life through which young adults express themselves and they depend heavily on social media to make normal life decisions. This book will informs the extent to which social norms change or are abandoned once a young adult becomes hooked on social media.

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