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The company has recorded tremendous growth from 1977, the year it was established up to date that is one of the best technology companies. It has faced challenges from their competitors most of which are associated with the high price of its products. Through the great leadership style and organization, the company is increasingly developing despite the competition. It has partnered with many organization and other companies in the technology to foster relations that have yielded great development and research in the field. The organization structure The company's organizational structure has been observed to be ranked in order to ensure that it realizes its innovative agenda. The increase has been attributed to the continued demand of the company's product. In the year 2005, the total number of employees was close to fifteen thousand and it is currently at one twenty-three thousand (Kane, 2015).

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It is a representation of over seven hundred thousand increase in the number of employees for the last twelve years. The number of employees is expected also to increase as more products are being designed due to the increasing competition. It is considered to be the company with the highest revenue per employer amongst all leading technology companies. When the leadership has the proper policies then any organization must be ahead of its competitors (Grant, 2017). Management involves controlling people on the responsibilities given by the leadership. The management team ensures that everything that has been passed to be a policy of the leadership is fully implemented. Role theory is how each company and organization defines the roles of each person, especially in the leadership and management team.

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There is expected higher efficiency when there is no conflict of interest in the leadership. The results are a high sale due to increased knowledge of the products 2. The company has a strong distribution base for its products. It has managed to have its entire product get to their clients in the US easily through the use of retails and online platform. Product integration in that the company has managed to major in four intertwined kinds of products ranging from the technology software to hardware. The company has a great financial power in comparison to its competitors making it better placed to take more technological risks. The strength of the US dollar affects the multinational companies due to the lower of the value observed during the Currency exchange.

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Strategic Human Resource Activities From the SWOT analysis, the strategic human resource management activities to be developed should mainly be concerned to reduce the external and the internal factors that would be reducing its functionality. The factors ranging from the economic, political and competition from the external environment should be curbed by the development of strategic Human resource activity. Some of the activities that should be used to enhance the Human resource activities include the Human Recruitment and selection. For the company to be efficient in its functioning there must be consistency and the transparency in the recruitment process. Another strategy is by encouraging the workers to desire knowing more while in the company as it can be an opportune moment of being promoted to a higher status.

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It is a strategy that is meant to motivate the workers in enhancing their skills. The recognition of employees and the appreciation of the workers with exemplary performance in given expertise is an important task in motivating the employees to be more aggressive. The recognition can range from the promotion and the increase in salaries. The activity will result in the attraction of more talented employees in return. As a developed company, Apple is among the companies with the best strategies of managing human capital. In an attempt to increase their competence and relevance in the market through service delivery, the company should apply some development changes in their function (Clarke & Boersma, 2017). Implementing the changes will ensure that they attract the best workforce and provide the best services and hence market retention.

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The following improvements are necessary for the proper function of the company: - a) Creation of a potential network Among the most significant customers of Apple Company are the learning organizations such as universities and other commercial organizations. Apple Company needs to create a working environment and build confidence in its consumers. The HRM has the responsibility of aligning the management to the long-term success plan of the organization. The human resource management of the company should be designed in a way that encourages the participation of all the stakeholders in the decision-making process. As a result, the company will be in a position to manage the diversified labor force and corporate growth. References Clarke, T. , & Boersma, M. Does One Bad Apple Spoil the Whole Bunch? A Social Identity Explanation of Consumers’ Reactions to Employee Morality.

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