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The company specializes in the production of personal computers and iPod. It is ranked as the most top ranking company regarding profits and quality products globally. Apple did not just start as a successful company; stated Tim Cook, the company’s C. E. O, in an interview with the Fast Company. Apple identified the challenge and introduced smartphones. These enable them to communicate, play games, camera, browse, email and had other inbuilt apps. The technology took over the traditional system and dominated the market. Lashinsky (2012) explained various innovation strategies that make the company more innovative thus leading to its success. The management concentrates on imposing the best and most talented individuals in their projects. The employees are therefore obsessed on the product details, and how to make their products appear much appealing to their consumers (Biemans 2018).

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As a result, they leave nothing to chance. Lashinsky further explained that the packaging of Apple products creates great attention that attracts more customers. In an interview with the Fast Company, Tim Cook explained that the company is focused on two main issues while manufacturing their products, opportunity and reflection. The management identifies consumer needs through market surveys and other research. Generally, it is clear that application of innovative working ideas in advancing technology and by sober management has ensured a continued successful growth in the Apple Company. Define principals and objectives combined with sound innovative ideas can be termed as the primary source of success in the company. References Lashinsky, A.  Inside Apple: Dans les coulisses de l'entreprise la plus secrète au monde.

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