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Having been in operation for close to 20 years, there is need for immediate intervention to really solve the issue before it escalates to new levels. As a consultant, the primary tasks will be to implement a training plan through an extensive external and internal environmental analysis to get into the root cause of the issue that is being faced by the art festival. Internal and external dynamics are very important in getting to understand and organization better. This plan therefore will take an holistic approach to make the stakeholders understand the dynamics sufficiently. Analysis External analysis The external environment of the art festival is a primary factor that as a consultant need to focus on to make sure that there is a clear understanding of the dynamics outside the organizational structure.

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The opportunity that is available for the art festival to take advantage of is the thriving and the economic growth that is experienced by the country. With the growing economy, the operations of the arts festival are expected to grow because income in the economy will be higher and the subscriptions of the art festival are expected to increase tremendously. With this opportunity in the economy, the company can take advantage by increasing its scope and its operational efficiency to attract more art lovers, Lawrence P. The threat that the economy pose to the art festival is on the inflationary forces that are faced by the economy. The overall rise in prices in the economy will greatly affect the organization because the problems in the economy will also have a great impact on the level of luxury and the subscriptions to the art festival.

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The threat that technology poses to the art festival is on the fact that other organizations have embraced it making it much easy for art lovers to easily switch to other galleries and art festivals that are user friendly. Legal factors Legal factors also provide and opportunity and threats for the art festival. The opportunity lies on the fact that the legal environment protects that organization from any interference especially from the government and its agencies. Taxation policies are also favorable due to the fact that there are favorable rates and the level of deductibles, Palmer I. The threat is posed due to the changing economic and environmental policies that requires that the company should focus on in order to avoid unnecessary litigations.

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Weaknesses The art festival has acquired a bad reputation due to nepotism and decisions based on personal preserve of the directors. The budget for training employees and the volunteering staff has been suppressed by personal needs of the directors Opportunities The large room for expansion through embracing local content is a huge opportunity that is available for the art festival to take over. The market and the economy is also doing well which makes it a golden opportunity for the art festival to take advantage of. Threats The loss of artists, volunteers and community support is a major threat to the existence of the art festival. The untrained directors pose a threat to the organization due to the extent their misinformed decisions can plunge the company into massive failure.

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People Practices This is the most important element of the star model because it focuses on the human resource of the art festival. A satisfied human resource means that there will be high efficiency and favorable employee-customer relations. “Satisfied employees means that there will be satisfied customers too”, Tannenbaum S. The employees should be trained and equipped with the necessary soft skills that will help the organization innovate through its employees. Formulation In this instance therefore, embracing new technology will greatly help the company in appropriately changing their speed of service deliver and it will increase the user convenience. Proper communication for buy-in in the event of replacement of obsolete technology. Step 5. Empowering action is also another course of action that is needed to address the existing issues in the organization.

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