Applying Organization Behavior Concepts

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This paper discusses the use of organization concepts in managing workers in global organizations, techniques of managing the global workforce and the challenges faced by managers in the modern organizations. According to Buchanan (2001), successful operation of both global and local organizations, it is vital for the management to use various organizational behavior concepts. First and foremost the managers need to motivate their workforce both domestic and in global organizations. When the workforce is positively motivated that translates into quality and increased productivity in the goods and services or attainment of organization goal. The commitment of the employees will increase if managers motivate them which will lead to effective and efficient work output. Different managers employ different techniques in handling a diversity of employees.

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For instance by enacting fair work policies in the workplace. In order to effectively succeed in managing diversity at work managers should ensure that the rules and regulations of both onsite and offsite employees are similar and do not discriminate on any team. The rules should be standard for all. Again when dealing with diverse workforce it is prudent that the management to always uphold the value of the person. For instance, the managers can establish a system whereby they will be receiving progress reports from offsite workers frequently as a way of monitoring performance. Lastly developing a high sense of trust to offsite workforce helps in managing organizations. Once managers develop trust in the workforce the team gains confidence and they become loyal to the management.

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This propels the organization to success. Challenges and opportunities that managers face in applying organizational behavior concepts For organizations to be successful managers have to ensure that they properly prepare for the unforeseen events. Those managers who have the perception that individual employees from different backgrounds represent their cultures normally ends up judging workers wrongly and discriminating against some. The managers fail to realize the individual differences of employees and enact policies that are not fair and just to all. Apparently, all organizations have policies procedures and systems, which have been designed for a proper functioning of the organization. When policies are poorly developed they affect the work of the organization. In the modern era, managers are experiencing the challenge of enacting right policies in workplaces.

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