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Therefore, styles emerge from the society’s history, which is documented in the architectural history. Styles may be fashionable at any given time and when they change, this happens gradually as architects takes time to learn and adapt the emerging ideas. The architectural styles spread to other places and even take new twists while they continue to advances in areas of origin. Renaissance architecture is one of the common styles recorded in history. John Ruskin’s (1849) book, “The Seven Lamps of Architecture” discusses the seven lambs of architecture disdain a gothic architecture and presents a design principle that was developed during the renaissance. The author has used humor to describe his journeys, insight, fist-person narration, and the ability to make his stories flow from the beginning to the end of the book.

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He has used a different style altogether where first person narration has taken up most of his work in the book. It is a unique style of narration as in most other books, usually second person is used or fiction but here, the author wanted his readers to know exactly he was the one narrating what happened to him. The use of non-philosophical style to narrate his adventures took most as a surprise keeping in mind that he is or as one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived therefore it was a surprise to realize that he could use a totally different style to narrate his stories. He used this style while describing his escapades on his first trip to India where he talks about encounters with strangers something that he considered unforgettable.

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It appears the image represents historicism as an underlying element. The architecture has used politics and Marxism as the main visible style. The other architectural designs are discussed in the following sections. Fin de Siècle Europe Fin de siècle simply refers to the end of the century, and in this case, the 19th century. The term was commonly applied in the French art, as demonstrated in the cultural traits of the country. Sculpture and painting has been used in the architecture and they should become key features in total design as they tend to bring out renaissance on a different level. The author has used an element of functionalism to describe his program. It has brought out a sense of good nature.

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Adolf Loos’ (1908) “Ornament and Crime” essay offers more insights regarding architectural styles. The essay was composed in 1900 when art nouveau or as commonly known as secession was showing off a new way forward for modern art in Austria or as currently referred to as Australia. He concluded his work by saying he is not entirely against the use of ornaments but they should be used appropriately and in paints where their inclusion would make sense and improve the style of the paint. In REC: Cohen, Chapter 02, the author here focuses on the tittle thinking of others. The author argues that the only indispensable human capacity ability is the ability of human beings to imagine themselves as other people. He says this ability is essential to morality and moral awareness as it is a literal appreciation of nature and the wonders of our superior being.

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The talent people possess for identification and ability to imagine oneself as another is almost as similar as to metaphor. The create a further contrast, a natural green background is used, creating a sense of the theme of nature. Figure 1: Absinthe Robette by Absinthe Robette (1896) American Modernism, 1900 – 30 American modernism, more like the movement of modernism is general; it captures concepts that demonstrated the trend of philosophical thoughts emerging from the widespread dynamism in culture and society in the face of modernity. The movement is an artistic and cultural movement that traversed the United States throughout the start and end of the 20th century. American modernism reached its peak between the two major world wars (WWI and WWII). American modernism like its European counterparts it originated from the opposition to Enlightenment thinking, with the aim of better representing reality in new and more industrialized world.

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As for Buckminster Fuller’s (1938) “What is a House?” from Nine Chains to the Moon, the author dreams and hopes for technological history and evolution. He wishes for a world where there will be increased standards of living as well as better living conditions for all the people despite the limited resources. The author uses dreams and fantasy in his book to explain his concepts. In REC: Cohen, Chapter 04, the author talks about solutions for computer problems that he has encountered. The has majorly used the concept of technology to bring out his ideas. It became dominant here before spreading to the rest of the world. This architectural style was suited for skyscraper architecture, whereby it de-emphasized the use of decoration, steel and glass, becoming synonymous with corporate modernism.

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