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In this case, although some of these laws are meant to protect the rights of the individuals and to eliminate any forms of inequality. However, due to the differences in the nature with which these laws operate, at times they tend to go against the expectation of the people who advocated for them. This is in the way that as they make the effort to fulfill the purpose for which they were established, they tend to go against some of the desires of the people. One of these laws that have had conflicting effect on the people is the Arizona immigration law. Although it has been effective in the ability to prevent the illegal immigration of people into the Arizona state, it has been shown to be less effective in the way through which it enhances racial profiling.

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It is for this reason that this law was continuously challenged directly by the Obama administration. Most of the people who are against it contend that it is not only controversial but also operational on narrow grounds since it violates the federal law and is therefore one of those aspects that are preempted in the constitution. It can be seen through the evoked principle of discrimination as has been seen in the many years of judicial efforts from the nineteenth century. In essence, they have demonstrated that such discriminatory practices against the immigrants are an interference with the core principles placed by the federal law. Nonetheless, this law is effective in the way that it does not interfere with the immigration laws or the priorities that are placed by the federal immigration.

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This means that it does not have to be this way as it is wrong for the United States to target foreigners during one of the periods when they experience cyclical nativism and the parochial kind of hostility. This is an indication that when such cases are brought for judgment in front of the judicial system it becomes necessary for the supreme court especially to grapple with the immigration legislation in the state and not to limit its level of inquiry to the level of federal immigration that is indecipherable. As such, it becomes vital for the higher courts to ascertain whether the civil rights federal statutes have been violated. Most of the time, the treatment of non citizens in a state would be regularly considered on its basis or cause through discrimination.

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This means that there is absolutely no need for racial and ethnic profiling from the peripheral government technical case in federal preemption. It would in this case outlaw the discrimination of race since all the people given equal rights as those of the citizens would be outlawed from the alienage discrimination. However, this has not been the case depicted by the law that ensures that a certain minority of people is more restricted against immigration than others. In this regard, those who are mainly affected such as the Mexican citizens and the Latinos feel as if this law does not fulfill the demands that are encompassed in the American constitution. It is mainly because of the fact that they are affected by the racial profiling that takes place as a result of this law.

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