Arranged marriage in India essay

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The parents are involved in searching for the best match, and their children will only marry when both parties agree. However, the children are not coerced in any manner to take the selected companion. Young adults are given a chance to briefly interact with the partners chosen to determine if they are a perfect match. The culture is deeply rooted in India regardless of the level of income of a person and their academic qualifications. The custom has both advantages and setbacks which are addressed in the article. Marriage is an institution which binds individuals of a different sex from a different background for a certain agreed time. Thus, the couples are supposed to be in agreement and accept the other party as part of their lives.

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However, arranged marriage limits a person to only a particular person, and they are compelled to live the chosen person for a lifetime. For this reason, some of the couples may fail to match after the marriage and fear to divorce since the life of the son or daughter will be ruined and the reputation of parents affected. Notably, the bride may also incur the challenge of hostility by mother-in-law or the husband after marriage. Therefore, the children depend on the parents to select for them spouses who fit them and have a proper background. For a long period, I have perceived marriage as a journey which solely depends on the youths. I have never understood the role of parents in the social life of children and in facilitating the type of spouses they marry.

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